KOENIG: Cade Brumley and Louisiana’s Stand Against the Biden Admin

Last week, the US Department of Education under Joe Biden released some concerning changes to Title IX regulations. The Department of Education expanded the scope of Title IX provisions to also protect for “gender identity.” Consequently, many elected officials and political pundits fear the potential ramifications that these changes may have on American education—particularly when it comes to allowing biological men (i.e. trans-sexuals) to compete in female sports.

Louisiana already has a law on the books preventing trans-sexuals from competing in female sports in Louisiana (Act 283 from the 2022 regular session). So, the Biden administration’s rule change clearly comes into conflict with Louisiana law.

In the midst of this controversy, major Louisiana elected officials have taken a bold stance on this issue—such as Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry and Attorney General Liz Murrill. Most notably, Louisiana Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley took a vocal and active stance against the Biden admin’s Title IX policy change.

On April 22nd, Superintendent Brumley sent the letter below to Louisiana schools in order to clarify the Biden admin’s rule change. Brumley’s proactive approach here will ensure that Louisiana schools protect the rights of children–despite the Biden admin’s flagrant assault on biology.

Here is the closing paragraph from Brumley’s letter:

The Louisiana Department of Education recommends that school systems maintain communication with their legal counsel on this matter. Further, it remains my position that schools should not alter policies or procedures at this time.

Louisiana elected officials must follow Dr. Brumley’s proactive approach in this matter and other matters going forward. We are currently living under a hostile, globalist federal regime coming from Washington DC, a machine that is undermining the interests of Louisiana citizens via mass undocumented immigration, foreign aid giveaways, and censorship. So, Dr. Brumley and the Louisiana Department of Education is taking the lead here in defying the dangerous directives coming from our “America Last” regime in DC.

Dr. Brumley also made national waves for his strong stand against the Biden administration. He was mentioned in The Hill, Fox News, Newsmax, and other major media outlets on both sides of the political spectrum. Brumley’s courage contrasts the weak leadership of US House Speaker Mike Johnson after Johnson betrayed American interest by sending billions of US tax dollars to foreign regimes.

Overall, I am grateful for Dr. Brumley’s courage and willingness to stand up for conservative values on numerous occasions—which seems to be a rarity these days among public officials.

If you want to learn more about this situation, then make sure to check out Dr. Brumley’s recent interview on Newsmax:


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