LA Freedom Caucus Grateful to Landry for Ten Commandments Signing

Originally published on the LA Freedom Caucus Substack — The Louisiana Freedom Caucus is grateful to Gov. Jeff Landry for signing the Ten Commandments bill into law. This is not only a religious document, but also the foundational document of the time-honored legal traditions of the entirety of Western Civilization.

“The Ten Commandments comprise the very foundation of our laws in America today. They are a vital part of the American creed,” said the bill’s author Rep. Dodie Horton, founding member of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus. “Given all of the junk our children are exposed to in the classrooms today, it is imperative that we put the Ten Commandments back into its historic position.”

“The Ten Commandments were the primary force in American education for nearly three centuries before a reckless 1980 court decision, Lemon vs. Kurtzman, blocked teaching this history in classrooms,” Horton continued. “The very first school textbook in America included the Ten Commandments and was published in 1690, the New England Primer. It was used throughout the United States and became the textbook of American education.”

“This law is the first of its kind in America since the 1980 Lemon case was rightly overturned. We have every confidence that it will survive legal scrutiny,” Horton said.



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