October 7th Israel Story Is a Good Intro to ‘Limited Hangout’ Concept

October 7th was a tragedy. Let’s not make any mistake about that. That whole situation and more continue to be on my prayer list.

That said, it is important that we not conflate the heart with the mind as we continue to fight a multiple front information and spiritual war. Make no mistake about this, the information war is about getting enough people informed on what the face of evil looks like. That must happen first before people will, by contrast, truly see and accept the justice that must come eventually, whether that be from international military tribunals or God Almighty himself.

Information War and the Dissemination of Said Info

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the information war is something I will introduce only briefly today. But like concepts such as Hegelian Dialectic, Overton Window, and Teleology, I will continue to weave it into my work if you want to follow. It really is one great massive puzzle where you continue to find new pieces under the couch, so I invite you to evolve your way of thinking of what “news and analysis” means.

If we really want to win, it cannot be just a day to day thing. We have to see it as a cognitive building project. Many of us are doing that already.

We need to recycle old stories sometimes to make new things make sense. In the education world, this is called scaffolding and the zone of proximal development. (Give me a job in Baton Rouge and see things really change haha).

A story we ran in both Hayride and RVIVR in December, one that piggy-backed off of thoughts from October, is seeing a return now in the last couple of days. Here is the series of my articles and their dates:

The Lie Is Happening Now. Let’s Not Wait (Yet Again) to Look Back to See It (Oct 12)

Vivek on Israel: That’s Not a Question for Later. That’s a Question for Now (Oct 15)

Not Hard to See: Israel Defense Forces Stood Down for Hours on October 7th (Dec 28)

The notion that Israeli forces looked the other way on October 7th is one example of what is called a Limited Hangout in info war. Ever wonder why stories come and go, and come and go again? Some feel it is because the corrupt mainstream media don’t emphasize what won’t bring in money or what will implicate their government handlers in corruption. And I certainly, 100% so, agree with that, especially when it comes to what CIA-Mockingbird has done to the American people for decades. Candace Owens just recently spoke about the American government’s obsession with mind control going back post-World War II, even bringing in something called MK Ultra that I’ve never written on but will very soon….

While I agree with that assessment of CIA-Mockingbird media, I have also observed a most curious and tantalizing trend that has long been too consistent to ignore.

It seems there is another force handling the stories. It seems information is being disseminated to us exactly how a master teacher would do it in the classroom.

We cannot discount what I’m saying here. We cannot discount the very real, observable pattern of scaffolding and how public awareness and opinion is being moved through successive zones of proximal development.

Whether that is a covert, patriotic military operation going on behind the scenes as so many think, or God Almighty himself, it is a fact that it is happening. The pattern is verifiable.

This is where Limited Hangout comes in.

I and Scott McKay have alternatively called it a new “hook” in an ongoing narrative. But I want to introduce new terminology today because it implies the importance of reader, listener, audience. And that is ultimately why we write.

I promised my students I would continue to teach them, after all. 😉

See what I wrote above about MK Ultra? What about CIA-Mockingbird? Those are examples. I did it in my article last week about Trump and the income tax too. Trump does it all the time, speaks in double entendres to plant seeds, including with that specific story concerning the income tax (including with Oct 7th when he hints at things concerning Netanyahu and that fateful day). It is why Trump is so hard to understand. But once you see it, you can’t unsee it. You know what he’s saying and doing. It is all about the court of public opinion with him. It can’t be just about the polls. It can’t be just about another election. Trump is acting in a way that will inspire in Americans the will to fight for ourselves for a change–something that will go beyond four-year elections and us being tossed about by the waves of politics, partisanship, and pendulums.

When a teacher must introduce difficult concepts, difficult in terms of the cognitive dissonance it will cause in his or her audience, the best way to start is with a tiny invitation–an invitation for the listener to investigate for themselves first.

If you find yourself investigating the Creature at Jekyll Island or MK Ultra or CIA-Mockingbird after reading my work, congratulations. You are a soldier in this information war.

Be ready to believe based just on the conspiracy theories Mockingbird media will lie to you about.

Here is a screenshot of (a very tiny portion) of the work I’ve done on the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird post-World War II. I include it in–quite literally–90% of my work. It is my belief that understanding Operation Mockingbird is a cornerstone in winning this information war. Americans must understand how far this goes back.

These are not the best example of a true Limited Hangout, but I treat them as such. Hooks.

October 7th and the Limited Hangout

Israel provides us with a more quintessential example of Limited Hangout because it is being presented by the media and not specifically chosen as a focus by an independent researcher.

Remember we are talking about the State of Israel here, and only certain parts of it at that–just like we have here in America. We are not attacking Jews or anyone living in Israel who are just as in the dark concerning their own government as so many Americans are about theirs.

October 7th was not what it seemed. And as long as we continue to think inside the lines of the false dichotomy of Cowboys and Indians, to not realize it is the Bush-Obama-Biden America the world hates–the same one we hate–we will never even approach grasping the patterns occurring here. But at the same time, as an information disseminator, one cannot just start blasting un-digestable information out. If the point is to achieve information transfer, one must move slowly (most of the time).

It is a concept I taught to my students, one they understand well from two specific scenes involving Gandalf in Tolkien’s masterpiece The Hobbit. Gandalf understands cognitive dissonance, and even though he is a genius and a master of wisdom, he understands the whole point is to get the other person to listen and act.

Doesn’t matter how smart you are if that doesn’t happen.

And so now, just yesterday, we have a Limited Hangout that will probably not get a lot of traction in the mainstream (which is why it is so important to become citizen soldiers ourselves) concerning Israel, Hamas, and October 7th. It is an article from The Jerusalem Post titled “IDF knew of Hamas’s plan to kidnap 250 before October 7 attack – report.”

Limited Hangout means this story comes across as something brand new–and in fact is brand new for many, many readers. But that’s the point. We have been seeing this with child trafficking–what was once “BASELESS CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!” is now ho-hum common knowledge because of Limited Hangouts like Epstein #1, Epstein #2, Out of Shadows (2020), Wayfair, Disney, Ghislaine Maxwell, Balenciaga, Sound of Freedom (2023), Epstein #3, and P Diddy just recently. All of these were mainstream stories that came and went very quickly; in between these Hangouts were all the digging and research done by people like myself that connect the dots and give us both confidence and perspective to bring to readers and listeners.

We are being red-pilled on Israel as we speak. This is a difficult one, because the understanding of Israel and our relationship to it is so entrenched in the collective mind. But I remind you–there are two (at least) Americas at play here. This latest article provides just one of many facets of the content that will be revealed over time. Here is the entirety of that article:

A newly surfaced document has revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and intelligence systems had detailed knowledge of Hamas’s plan to raid Israel and kidnap 250 people weeks before the October 7 massacre.

The document, which was compiled in the Gaza Division, outlined Hamas’s intentions and was known to top intelligence officials, according to a report by Kan News.

The document, titled “Detailed End-to-End Raid Training,” was distributed on September 19, 2023, and described in detail the series of exercises conducted by Hamas’s elite units.

These exercises included raiding military posts and kibbutzim (collective communities in Israel), kidnapping soldiers and civilians, and maintaining the hostages once they were in the Gaza Strip.

The report by Kan News stated, “Security sources told Kan News that the document was known to the intelligence leadership, at the very least in the Gaza Division.”

Warning signs were not acted upon

The IDF had precise information about Hamas’s intentions, but due to prevailing conceptions within the security establishment and possible negligence by senior officials, the warning signs were not acted upon.

The report further detailed that Israeli intelligence officials monitored the exercise and documented the steps Hamas planned to take after breaching Israeli territory and taking over military posts. The expected number of hostages, according to the document, was between 200 and 250 people.

“Israeli intelligence officials who monitored the exercise detailed in the document the next steps after breaching into Israel and taking over the posts, determining that the instruction is to hand over the captured soldiers to the company commanders. The expected number of hostages, it states, is between 200 and 250 people,” Kan News reported.

This information, combined with a new and sophisticated security barrier completed two years before the attack, was believed to have made such an assault improbable. However, the barrier failed during the Hamas attack, highlighting a significant intelligence and security oversight.

The general staff investigation team is expected to present initial findings from this failure to the Chief of Staff in the coming weeks, as the country seeks to understand how such a lapse in security could occur despite having detailed advance knowledge of the enemy’s plans.

The Israel-Hamas war began on October 7 when Hamas launched an attack, with thousands of terrorists infiltrating from the Gaza border and taking more than 240 hostages into the Gaza Strip.

During the massacre, more than 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals were murdered, including over 350 in the Re’im music festival and hundreds of Israeli civilians across the Gaza border communities.

120 hostages still remain in Gaza captivity.

Scan it, read it, whatever. But tip your hat to the Limited Hangout aspect of it, connect some dots with the previous work I provide above, and maybe throw in that over-the-top insistence a few weeks back concerning a House bill on anti-Semitism–where everyonewassayingthesamethingallatonceeeeeee. This is crucial to seeing the patterns. Once you see that these Hangouts continue to reemerge, your mind starts to give you permission to believe things it could never have believed before. That’s when the Overton Window shifts a little bit more in our direction. That’s when we get one step closer to justice–the variety of justice that will truly change America, where our lives will no longer be limited by the chains of mental slavery. Then, maybe the Juneteenth celebration one day will evolve into so much more.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.

Jeff LeJeune is the author of several books, writer for RVIVR, editor, master of English and avid historian, teacher and tutor, aspiring ghostwriter and podcaster, and creator of LeJeune Said. Visit his website at jefflejeune.com, where you can find a conglomerate of content.



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