VIDEO: Did You See Kennedy Grilling Wray About Jeffrey Epstein?

Boy, this was something. Yesterday, the FBI’s “Circleback Boy” director Christopher Wray, who has seemingly yet to find a meaningful question by an elected representative to which he can give a real answer, appeared in front of the appropriations subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee to demand a funding increase.

Because the FBI is doing such a wonderful job of impartially and effectively defeating organized crime and providing us with meaningful counterintelligence, the two missions for which it was chartered.

Wray wants $11.3 billion for the FBI’s 2025 budget, which would be a $661 million increase over this year, at a time when there are lots of Republicans making very credible arguments for breaking that agency up and doling out its various functions to other federal agencies and/or offloading them to the states.

So Kennedy starts Wray off with a question about the obvious collusion/corruption/penetration by the Mexican drug cartels of that country’s government, and his phrasing isn’t bad – he asks Wray whether, if those cartels could be turned upside down and shaken, Mexico’s current president Lopez Obrador wouldn’t fall out.

Wray demurs on an answer while noting his agreement with the sentiment behind the question, which wasn’t objectionable as a matter of diplomacy, but Kennedy then asks a much more rude question: what is the FBI doing to finally get to the bottom of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Here’s how that went…

The case Kennedy is talking about involves billionaire metals trader and professional head-shrinker Henry Jarecki, who has been sued by one of Epstein’s underage prostitute girls (she’s not underage anymore, obviously). That’s in headlines from a number of major media organs this week, and yet Wray professes his ignorance.

Which is not credible, and a fairly obvious insult to our national intelligence.

Wray also wouldn’t say whether the FBI continues to investigate the Epstein scandal, which is a cowardly way of saying that such investigations have ceased and Ghislaine Maxwell is the chosen fall guy for the entire thing.

And that isn’t surprising. In fact, it’s exactly what every intelligent American knows. There could well be civil cases brought against the Henry Jareckis of the world, but they aren’t going to be prosecuted for sexually abusing underage girls at Epstein’s invitation.

In Jarecki’s case, it’s very obvious why: the 91-year-old pervert is a massive donor to Democrat candidates and political action committees, and it’s not because he’s an ideological leftist (though he certainly is one). He’s bought power and access, and that has put him above the law.


Of course, Wray tells the lie to Kennedy that “no one is above the law.” But we know that isn’t true. Not with the current Justice Department it isn’t.

Henry Jarecki is above the law, at least from a criminal standpoint. Election-riggers like Mark Sussman and Marc Elias are above the law. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Clapper and insider-trading Nancy Pelosi are above the law.

All of the Democrats’ cool kids, whether political figures or donors, look like they’re above the law.

Everybody knows this. It’s one of the reasons people have so little faith in the justice system anymore, and it’s why the lawfare “hush-money” trial of Donald Trump, and the kangaroo-court conviction of a week ago, did so little to move public opinion.

And yet Wray dances into that Senate committee demanding a funding increase for one of the most egregious institutional perpetrators of judicial system corruption and dares to declare that no one is above the law.


It’s too bad there aren’t enough patriots in the Senate to kill not just that proposed funding increase but the FBI as currently constituted. That’s an agency which has long since gone rogue and does more harm than good. Kennedy at least forced Wray to show, in his own convoluted and dishonest way, how useless the FBI is in perhaps the most prominent and sensational criminal case in America over the past decade.



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