VIDEO: Kennedy Crushes Pedo-Loving Biden Judicial Nominee

You might have seen this yesterday, so this post is for our readers who missed it. It’s one of the all-time greatest John Kennedy clobberings of an unfit Joe Biden judicial nominee, and we wanted to at least get it into our archive while it was still fresh,

Kennedy was joining in on a Senate Judiciary Committee feeding frenzy that also included Sen. Ted Cruz, and that frenzy got going over a judicial nominee named Karla Campbell, a Nashville lawyer and a far-left radical activist.

Here’s how it went with Cruz and Campbell…


That woman is either far too stupid to serve as a federal judge or she’s a stone cold liar. It’s almost certainly the latter.

Cruz gave Julia Lipez, a state judge in Maine up for a seat on the federal bench, a rough pass-over on his way to Campbell. That teed things up for Kennedy, whose examination of her was something like a surgical evisceration.

But he did start with Campbell, and he finished her off in style first. That takes a couple of minutes in this video and then he turns to Lipez…

What’s so unfortunate is that despite the fact Kennedy and Cruz completely disqualified Campbell and Lipez by any objective standard, they’re both likely to be confirmed.

Why? Because the Democrats have a majority in the Senate (they actually don’t; interestingly, there are more Republicans in the Senate than Democrats now that Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have joined Angus King and Bernie Sanders as independents, but since all four caucus with the Democrats it’s effectively a 51-49 body), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will brook no dissent on Biden’s judicial nominees. They’re to be confirmed no matter how ridiculous they might be.


This is why not winning a majority in the Senate in the 2022 elections was such a terrible missed opportunity.

Here are two not-very-smart, far-left radicals who bring shame to the legal system as federal judges, and nothing can be done to stop them.

Let’s hope this fall yields some better results. With Manchin not running for re-election in deep-red West Virginia and no Republican senators in any real trouble (Cruz has a very well-funded challenger but nobody really thinks he’s going to lose), a 50-50 Senate looks like a worst-case scenario, and there are a number of races – Arizona, Montana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada, among them – in which Republican challengers could take Democrat seats.

Hopefully that takeover will also come with a Trump victory over Biden, and that would signal at least a respite from left-wing loon judicial nominees coming through the Senate Judiciary Committee. We’ve got more than enough Julia Lipezes and Karla Campbells.



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