VIDEO: Talking Cultural Arson With Drew Allen

Drew Allen is a friend and fellow author (his book America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024? is a must read; see my review in The American Spectator here) who runs a very good podcast, and on Friday I was happy to join him to talk about some very weird things going on in American culture.

For example, how on earth does a morbidly obese woman, so far that she can’t fit in a single airplane seat, win a Miss Alabama contest? Why have we not made progress in shouting down the degeneracy of Pride Month?

One reason, and we discuss it on the show, is there is a war on standards afoot in America, with leftist activists doing their level best to attack every norm existing in this country. Drive everything down to a level nobody is satisfied with, in the name of “tolerance.”


It’s ‘tolerance” to have a morbidly obese woman, someone so fat that she isn’t going to lead a full life and couldn’t run 100 yards, representing a state in a beauty pageant. Or to have a man pretending to be a woman win such an honor, which happened in Maryland last week. You have to tolerate men dressed up as women reading to small children in a library. You have to tolerate criminality in the streets, corruption in the halls of power, propaganda disguised as entertainment.

If you don’t tolerate these things, all of which are designed to demoralize you and make you believe the society you live in is dying and no longer capable of maintaining itself (that demoralization is intended to break down your courage and desire to fight against what’s coming next), then you’re a bigot. The problem isn’t the poor performance of the freaks breaking down the culture, it’s you.

Which is the subject at hand for us to discuss.

Here’s the show….



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