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There’s Optimism, There’s Propaganda And Then There’s The Louisiana Democrat Party’s E-Mail Blasts

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Sangisetty Campaign Picks Up Downer Standard

The Endorsaphobia Thing Continues To Grate

UPDATED: Is The DCCC’s Pullout From LA-2 Driven By Confidence – Or Fear?

LaFonta Endorses Cao

The Obama-Chamber Of Commerce Flap

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Christine O’Donnell Would Be Much Further Along If She’d Aired This Ad Earlier

Moratorium Lifted? Color Us Unimpressed.

Thoughts On A 16-Point Race

“Queen Of Hyperbole” Gambles On Becoming Louisiana’s 2nd In Command

Pollapalooza, October 12 Edition

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She’s (Literally) A Rocket Scientist, He’s A Slimy, Rotund Tub Of Goo And She’s Winning

Cassidy Demands Hearing Into De-Facto Shallow-Water Moratorium

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Cao Hits Richmond With Attack Ad On Ethics