The Brennan’s Beatdown – Tuesday Morning Tales

Two people at the Brennan’s event have now confirmed that the protest had largely broken up by the time it ended, but we also understand from someone who visited Allee Bautsch in the hospital Saturday morning that she and Brown were followed and attacked expressly because they had Palin pins on (she heard one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on”) – so the attack WAS politically motivated as its victims understood it. It was not a mugging, it was not an argument gone wrong and it was not a bar fight.


Our sources are indicating that Bautsch and her boyfriend were not attacked immediately outside of Brennan’s, but rather a couple of blocks away. But their assailants were a group of people, which would tend to mitigate against a run-of-the-mill mugging.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution thinks Sarah Palin was involved. Jim Galloway, the writer of their update who is supposed to be the “political insider” reporter, is clueless.’s story on the attack has a good summary of what is known and suspected, and blogger Beth Shaw makes the point that the severity of the injuries involved is inconsistent with a mugging.