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Caroline Fayard’s Two-Minute Hate (UPDATED)

Caroline Fayard’s Two-Minute Hate (UPDATED)
March 28
10:50 2011

So over the weekend, Louisiana’s Democrat savior-du-jour Caroline Fayard said “I hate Republicans” at a campaign event of sorts (you can’t really call it a campaign event when you won’t say what you’re running for) in Bogalusa.

“I hate Republicans. I hate Republicans,” Fayard said, drawing some nods and voices of approval from the crowd. “They are cruel and destructive. They eat their young.

“They don’t think. They don’t allow people to think. They are bullies.”

That’s not nice.

You could say it’s at least honest and courageous, though – voters can assess Fayard based on information like that. She hates Republicans, so if you hate Republicans or if you think it’s OK for a politician to openly express hatred for people who would be her constituents if she won statewide office, she might be your candidate. Or if you think it’s cool to accuse your political opponents of “eating their young.”

But Fayard wasn’t all THAT honest.

“I don’t hate conservatives,” she added. “I am very conservative. I go to church on Sunday. I’m Catholic. I’m pro life.”

Now, it’s valid to say that you can be conservative and yet dislike Republicans. Most of the Ron Paul types would fit within that description, and that element is a decent-sized portion of the Tea Party movement in Louisiana and elsewhere.

In general, however, if you’re “very conservative,” you’re probably a Republican in this state.

Fayard’s definition of conservatism is probably not the definition the rest of us would come up with. Attempting to force BP to move its corporate headquarters to Louisiana, which she proposed last year when she ran for lieutenant governor, for example, doesn’t fit within what you’d call “conservative.” But apparently that doesn’t matter if you go to church on Sunday.

In any event, “I hate Republicans” is an unusual campaign slogan. We’ll see if it works.

UPDATE: It didn’t take very long for the state Republican Party to jump on Fayard’s hate speech…

Today Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere called on Louisiana Democrat Party Chairman Buddy Leach to denounce Caroline Fayard’s hate-filled rhetoric.

“Louisiana voters deserve an open and honest debate of the issues, but Caroline Fayard’s disappointing and vicious rhetoric conflicts with the very concept of civil discourse,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere.  “Fayard’s negative and divisive commentary reveals a true partisan, driven by hate, who is wholly unfit for elected office.  Today I call on Democrat Party Chairman Buddy Leach to join the Republican Party of Louisiana in denouncing Fayard’s hate-filled and disgusting comments.”

UPDATE #2: Reached by Hayride correspondent Chris Gary, Louisiana Democrat Party media spokesman Kevin Franck had this in the way of a comment…

Ha. You guys are really worried about her, aren’t you?

Charming. A whole political party based on and happily promoting campaign finance fraud, race-baiting, hate speech and infanticide/cannibalism libels. Is it any wonder that these clowns can’t get anybody elected in Louisiana anymore?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 28, 17:24

    Like too many of our politicians, Miss Fayard has more guts than brains!

    • Slamo
      Slamo March 29, 02:54

      politicians today have neither guts nor brains…just their hand out for your and your children’s moola.

      • LaWoman
        LaWoman July 08, 02:52

        I totally agree with Slamo! You’ve put it in a nut shell. Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Tea Party, whatever ones preference has never nor will ever be “FOR THE PEOPLE” it’s always been and always will be about the MOO-LA!

  2. Catmomma22
    Catmomma22 March 28, 17:54

    Where would she be without her daddy’s money

    • Sittingatsammysblogging
      Sittingatsammysblogging March 29, 14:14

      It’s hard to say really. Most likely I would see the scenario like this: no daddy’s money so she stays working on Wall St. Prob makes more money doing one deal than you will ever even think of or comprehend. Buys a fancy car and a second home, blows money like Vitter at Rick’s, and stays as far away from this place as possible.

  3. Prryblu
    Prryblu March 28, 18:27

    so what i hate liberals

  4. Judge Fredd
    Judge Fredd March 28, 19:52

    If this is the best speech writer that mommy and daddy can buy, then she’d better look for another line of work.

  5. Slamo
    Slamo March 29, 02:50

    Ms Fayard comes across as a petulant and rich 3 year old child. Not someone I would vote for.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 29, 18:39

    Oh my goodness! Ms. Fay-Yard is having a Hissy -Fit. Seems like her and darling Mary L. have something in common. Come on guys be fair….give them back their baby bottles.

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