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Meet Benjamin Haas, Flag Burner

Meet Benjamin Haas, Flag Burner
May 11
11:05 2011


This is the clown who wants to burn the flag on LSU’s campus today. Which he has a right to do. There’s no law against him doing so, although there’s also no law against calling him a turd the rest of us should treat with scorn and derision.

His name is Benjamin Haas. He’s a grad student in the mass-comm department. He’s from somewhere in Missouri.

He writes poems.

Here’s one. See if you can decipher this. But don’t give it too much attention.

Morning swim and foggy eyes unsure keys and best thoughts are like swords. Dragonfly mating Winnebago trips and three day old instant coffee. There’s half a continent in between it all, and dotted lines. Dreamt of sea turtles and oil spills, we are in a bit of a pickle she says at the convenience store counter. I am still waiting on my jar, like that blue soda bottle tornado, perhaps a bookshelf memory for the prehistoric creatures in the packets and cannibalism. Windy morning looks like showers that might keep all the ships at bay, I am just trying not to be afraid of everyone. I saw a paisley sunset in the book you will write tommorrow. There’s a wooden plank engine roar tinny enough to blind. Wore the right costume, forgot my shoes and my socks never match. Saw the grave grey city walls that line your bunker apartment bus stop, need to find a ripe tomato and thirty-five cents to make a fellow tall enough. If I could dress them all in a gown of flames, I would forget on purpose. Ocean wave flag wings and blinking, lights dim twinkle complex, as a square in the museum throats rust pincer soup.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, he ain’t.

But Ralph Waldo Emerson didn’t do performance art.

Neither does Benjamin Haas, from the looks of it.

Are you getting an “I’d-be-Jared-Loughner-but-I’m-too-big-a-pussy” vibe out of this kid? I dunno.

Basically, this guy is a loser looking for attention. And he’ll get it, because normal people will be outraged by what he’s doing. Which means lefties will acclaim him – because lefties are motivated by hatred for normal people.

Let him burn his flag and go away. But if you’re in Baton Rouge and you see this guy on the street, feel free to tell him in no uncertain terms what you think of him.

His parents did a hell of a job.

UPDATE: And here’s an audio interview with him about poetry, if you actually care. He isn’t brilliant.


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  1. Paco
    Paco May 11, 16:12

    I think he’ll be seeing an ass-whipping on the streets of the fine city of Baton Rouge in his near future.

  2. Robinhedwards
    Robinhedwards May 11, 16:26

    I’m loving it!!! Thanks for posting this. I was just getting started digging for info and you’ve done it already. I don’t see him on Facebook. I’m looking to see if he’s a member of any other local discussion forums under his name so people can get to know him better.

  3. Scottg
    Scottg May 11, 17:20

    It isn’t illegal to burn the flag?

    Good, then for sure it isn’t illegal to go throw buckets of water on the flag before he ignites it!!

  4. Tyler
    Tyler May 11, 17:22

    Boy this guy is trying really hard to be noticed in a world that has largely ignored his laughable artistic streak. For those who comment he needs a beating, let him be. He is your basic Mass Comm grad student. Possessor of finely honed useless skills and purveyor of cliched politcal views. He views himself as a free thinker, but is nothing more than the slightly exaggerated version of what you would expect to be born out of several years of Liberal Arts classes. Benjamin, your at is tired bro, but I understand that it is all you have.

    • Matthew
      Matthew May 11, 21:06

      Well Said.

    • Lsuatx83
      Lsuatx83 May 11, 21:07

      LOVED THIS COMMENT. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. What a lame guy this wanna be is.

    • bayou pirate.
      bayou pirate. May 12, 08:11

      Im afraid that left to his own devices, he will probably become a professor and wind up educating more egg headed butt fluff such as he is. It scares me when I thin that those that can do and those that cant, teach.

      • TravlnTexan
        TravlnTexan May 12, 17:25

        Exactly…”Professional Students” is what we called them back in the 1960’s…I guess some things never change.

    • Ff0d
      Ff0d May 12, 22:36

      Sure, blame it on liberal arts classes. I think you need to develop your critical thinking skills.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous May 11, 17:25

    This guy is a twisted, exhibitionist anarchist, who, I’m quite sure, is sad the Iron Rail Bookstore closed.

    I have to ask, though, what was LSU thinking when his application to grad school was accepted? Have the standards hit a new high in low?

  6. Tom Rankin
    Tom Rankin May 11, 17:27

    “Your love for liberty is not measured by
    how much you favor the freedom to do the things which you like, but by how much
    you favor the freedom of others to do those things which you do not like.”
    – Micha Petty, 2007 (Webmaster- American Revival)

  7. Patriot
    Patriot May 11, 17:28

    His burning was epic fail. He was met instantly with water balloons and drinks flying at him. He left the scene with police escort and without igniting anything but a patriotic frenzy in support of this great nation.

    • Shane Cormier
      Shane Cormier May 11, 18:53

      Looks like that dude had to go into hiding online. His facebook account is no more and his youtube account is no more. Id break his knees if I saw him in Lafayette.

      • Ariel G.
        Ariel G. May 11, 19:30

        That sounds like a great idea, Shane! Why don’t we cause bodily harm to anyone who exercises their first amendment rights? That wouldn’t make us fascist or anything. Seriously, if we really love our flag and our country we would be better off protecting someone like Benjamin from people like you. That would be the American thing to do, buddy.

        • proudamericanyea!!
          proudamericanyea!! May 11, 19:47

          and if i ever saw you down da bayou ariel, i’d cut ya mermaid tail off and throw you back in the ocean.

          • Parrdadday
            Parrdadday May 11, 20:14

            You are about as dumb as the fairy who conjured up the plan to burn the flag in the first place. The AMERICAN thing to do would be to protect our most recognized and prized symbol “The American Flag” from people like you, who do NOT appreciate the fallen and the ones who risk THEIR lives everyday to keep for people like US, who appreciate being AMERICAN CITIZENS and value the things our great Countrymen have done to kept us safe and free for so many years! …..THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S first amendment was written as a test for those, like yourself, who absolutely have NO respect for being an AMERICAN CITIZEN to exercise and to show you are a complete moron.

            • Positiveplez
              Positiveplez May 11, 21:16

              You along with Haas are FREEEEEE to leave this country if you don’t like it’s values & culture !!!! You’re an idiot !!!!!!

              • JAdams
                JAdams February 05, 13:00

                Parrdadday:  So the first amendment was written as a test to show that some people are complete morons?  I believe you have some research to do sir.  Also the idea that the American Flag is always a singular symbol and that burning it always means you wish ill will for our military personnel fighting over-seas is ridiculous.  I honestly know that it can be hard to distance yourself from acts of speech that you find offensive, but try to assess this issue with some clear logic and I think you will find it much less extreme.  Also the idea that people who are critical of our society should be persuaded to simply leave the country is an insult to the foundations of our country.  The honorable thing, and the thing that our founding fathers would have wanted us to do, would be to stay and try to make our country a better place.

        • Gimming1
          Gimming1 May 12, 15:18

          Thank you Ariel – Shane is the type we need to avoid and send to a faraway place. Shane sounds like a pretty intelligent person…..

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous May 11, 17:47

    What a piece of work this excuse for a man is!!!! He’ll probably be hired by one of the major networks to spew his hatred for this country. They ought to send him over to the Middle East except I wouldn’t even wish him on those people either.

    • Ladeerhntr
      Ladeerhntr May 11, 18:28

      They will probably hire him to teach our kids. What a loser.

      • Anonymous
        Anonymous May 11, 20:59

        Yep, that’s why a lot of folks have their kids in private svchools or they home school them. Somebody will probably give him some “School of Hard Knocks” training, I would think.

    • deadgod
      deadgod May 15, 21:53

      - not “spew[ing] hatred”; ‘expressing criticism’, like you’ve done on this thread.  The lynch-mobsters would fit right in with the worst of “those people”.

  9. Justin O
    Justin O May 11, 18:23

    I could gouge his eyes out with a rusty spoon and then take a peaceful nap

  10. Mary
    Mary May 11, 19:27

    Someone please tell him to wrap himself in the flag before he burns it!!! What an idiot…even loser is too nice of a word to describe him!

  11. Marie
    Marie May 11, 20:35

    May want to check your background info. Reville reports that he is a communication studies major, not mass comm. Quite a bit of difference

  12. Lsuatx83
    Lsuatx83 May 11, 21:06

    The DOUCHE got DOUCHED with water balloons! GO LSU! GO USA… TOO BAD his glasses don’t actually make him smarter. He’s a poser…wanna be “artsy” guy… giving us decent hippies a bad name.

  13. glen
    glen May 11, 21:19

    don’t agree with the guy. only a lunatic would want to do such a thing esp. right after bin laden was nailed and the colombian guy burnt the flag already. BUT it’s a sad thing to see so many kids on a college campus with so little regard for opposing views. When i was at LSU, “free speech alley” was filled with raucous, outlandish, anarchic, and conventional views—all was allowed w/o a mob takeover. This kind of mob mentality, shouting down and intimidating (coward?? who in his right mind wouldn’t fear a mob of hundreds, mostly young men, cursing and threating to kill him…even if the cops are there). I subscribe to this rag just to hear the ludicrous and sad attacks that are made. so much fear of anything that doesn’t fit your mold. You continue the false divisions (normal/lefties) that will ultimately undermine what is (was) great about this country: a tolerant middle ground.

    • MacAoidh
      MacAoidh May 11, 21:29

      Normal people are the tolerant middle ground, Glen. That’s what people like
      you don’t understand.

      Haas incited that crowd by threatening to burn the flag in support of a
      criminal. What he planned was outrageous, and outrage was what he got in
      return. That it came out as it did is almost unremarkable in its
      predictability. It is of no special note that most of those on hand to
      protest his behavior don’t have regard for his views. What regard do they

      Should we revisit the SEIU/Communist Party USA May Day parades? Should we
      revisit Wisconsin? Code Pink’s activities? What middle ground do they

      There are no false divisions in our society today. There are REAL divisions.
      We didn’t create them, nor do we “continue” them. They exist, and we merely
      note their presence.

      • deadgod
        deadgod May 15, 21:09

        tolerance  3  a  :  sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own  –Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

        – a peculiar term to bandy on behalf of lynch-mob fanaticism.

        There sure are “REAL divisions” in our society today – chiefly, here, between those Americans who enjoy all the opportunities and prosperity that spring from the thorough socialization of infrastructure consciously, and those who believe in Uncle Miltie Friedman’s Free Stuff Fairy.

  14. Chris H
    Chris H May 11, 22:15

    This idiot reminds me of the time people in Berkeley protested the Marine Recruitment Center being there. How do they not see the irony in protesting the very people who defend their right to (idiotic) protesting? This isn’t a political “Democrats vs. Republicans” issue, and you people should stop rushing to label him with a political party. It’s simply an “Idiot vs. Non-idiots” issue.

    • Mickey
      Mickey May 12, 00:11

      just so happens all the idiots are in the Demoncrat party.

      • Chris H
        Chris H May 12, 03:30

        No, they are not. If you think the Democrats are full of idiots, try looking at the list of top Republican presidential candidates: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, etc. The list goes on.

        But it’s your sort of petty partisanship that causes the two political parties to keep electing more and more extreme (right/left) politicians. There is no cooperation in Washington, and it’s because of the support of idiot voters like yourself.

        • MacAoidh
          MacAoidh May 12, 04:33

          Four words: Bob Menendez Harry Reid.

          Four more: Maxine Waters Janet Napolitano.

          I could give you more. Many more.

          Anyone who attempts to make the case that the Republicans are the idiots and
          the Democrats are geniuses…well, in the words of Newt Gingrich – “Reality
          is not nice to you.”

        • wlc74
          wlc74 May 12, 15:10

          Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are not Presidential Candidates….

        • shawn S
          shawn S May 12, 15:25

          Trump is NOT a Republican. Most of his gifting has been to Democrats including Harry Reid.
          His son in law also donates almost exclusively to Democrats.

          Palin and Bachmann are far more intelligent than Obama or any Democrats. Deal with it.

    • deadgod
      deadgod May 15, 22:39

      What the soldiers think they’re fighting for matters less than the effects of their (undeniably brave) actions.

      The Marines aren’t only “defend[ing]” the right to protest in Berkeley; they’re also – and more effectively – protecting oil companies’ “right” to destroy fishing and recreation in the Gulf and insurance companies’ “right” to operate as for-profit death panels.

      “Middle-class conservative” is a synonym for ‘suicide‘.

      • MacAoidh
        MacAoidh May 16, 00:24

         Incendiary, stupid posts like this are why we received multiple requests to ban your IP, which we did. You’re free to go elsewhere and whine about how your freedom of speech was trampled on here.

  15. Voodootat2
    Voodootat2 May 11, 23:54

    I love my country. I served in the Military, recieved an Honorable Discharge. Many Americans have served honorably, many have died, to preserve the rights of ALL Americans to enjoy the freedoms that the constitution affords all of us. It is sad, that there are those who would use and twist the true moral and honorable intentions of the Constitution and its Amendments. I can intelectually understand that he has his right to burn the flag, but what saddens me to my core is what thoughts must be going on inside this mans head to make him want to do a thing like this in the first place. What things must our young minds be filled with in our schools and colleges, what moral characteristics are being taught to our young children to the extent that they lose sight of whats right and whats wrong? Just because “technically” one has the “right” to burn an american flag, doesnt mean that one “should” burn an american flag.

    Having said that, no one should be surprised that when someone does something on the edge, way out there on the fringe like that, then, no one should be surprised at the reactions that come along in response to it. What did you think would happen? Did you think that a couple hundred red blooded patriotic 18 to 22 year olds would gather together and sit quietly by and just watch in silence as this man desicrates the very symbol of our country, that no doubt many of them most likely have either served in the military or have family members that have served, and/or died doing so?

    It’s a sad day in America, but for far more reasons than this misguided mans desire to burn a flag.

    I am going out today and purchasing the biggest flag I can find and fly it proudly at my home, and I dare anyone to try and burn THAT FLAG!

    God Bless America!

  16. Gunnera4
    Gunnera4 May 12, 00:49

    credit and thanks, to fred blassie,

  17. jt_lsu
    jt_lsu May 12, 01:03

    I’m pretty much loving that being a true American involves “breaking knees” “ass-whipping” “gouging eyes out.”

    Damn, I love my freedom of speech (to threaten).

  18. Cajun Rabbi
    Cajun Rabbi May 12, 02:17

    Benjamin wants attention. Give him all the negative attention you can dish. Call him a Moron in the Advocate. Send a message to the other stupid wacko’s out there.

    Better yet. Send him to Iran with an Iranian flag and a pack of matches. Watch what the citizens of Iran do to him.

    In reply to Ariel G —- the spirit of the 1st Amendment is to be interpreted in light of what my forefathers wrote it and the circumstances surrounding the time it was written. It was not written to protect the rights of printers of porn smut or flag burners. Those types of idiots would have been hung before sunset.

    The 1st Amendment was written to protect against tyranny of the government. The forefathers didn’t want the persecution of American citizens to recur like it did coming from the King of England because the colonies spoke against the King and his religion (he made his word equal to God’s). The colonists wanted the freedom to worship God the Bible way and not the King’s way.

    1st Amendment – Congress may not make any law that sets up any religion, or interferes with any religious practice. Congress may not make any law that diminishes the freedom of speech, or the freedom of the press, or the right of the people to assemble peacefully, or the right of the people to petition the Government to make things right if it has caused them harm.

    Simply stated, here is the spirit of why the first amendment was written about 200 years ago:

    1) The Government can’t set up a state religion (like the King did. This gives us freedom of religion), nor can the Government interfere with a religious way of practice (the King said it was his way or the highway – unfortunately he had no true biblical relationship with God and was a poor spiritual leader to follow.)

    2) Congress can’t make a law that diminishes the freedom of speech –
    If someone wanted to speak against the King’s practices, he would have them shot before dark. Why do you think we revolted against this tyranist!

    3) Congress can’t make a law that diminishes the freedom of the press –
    Print anything against the King, especially against the way he ruled with an iron fist and your dead in a heart beat. If the King is an idiot (an he really was) and you print it, your dead meat. Under the King’s rule, the subjects had no voice. Our forefathers changed that didn’t they. So if you don’t like the way Barack Obama leads this country away from Godly values, you have a right to print it and distribute it to educate the morons who voted him into office.

    4) Congress can’t make a law that diminishes the right of the people to assemble peacefully –
    If the people want to stand up the harsh policies of their leader, they have the right to, hence you have the likes of the Tea Party and other demonstrators against the left-wing led government officials.

    5) Congress may not make any law that diminishes the the right of the people to petition the Government to make things right if it has caused them harm. The King of England was a tyrant. If you ancestors lived in this country 250 years ago the underwent harsh treatment by Britian’s solders before July 4th 1776. Have you ever read the Declaration of Independance. They are 27 indictments against the King of England for the cruelty he measured out to the colonists. Take the time to read it. Why do you think the King declared war on us?

    Now you know the spirit behind why the first Amendment was written. It wasn’t designed to protect flag burners who burned the flag of the country they lived in.

    • deadgod
      deadgod May 15, 22:25

      “to be interpreted in light of what [our] forefathers wrote it [sic] and the circumstances surrounding the time it was written”

      That’s excellent interpretive advice, Cajun Rabbi – to the limited extent that that “light” and those “circumstances” are knowable and relevant, respectively.

      Look, for example, at the Second Amendment: read in your way, Madisonian “arms” are muskets and pistols that fire one ball every (perhaps) sixty seconds.  Is there a small-arm manufactured anywhere in the world in the 20th century that’s a Madisonian “arm”??

      The “King” is mentioned nowhere in the First Amendment.  The Founders were talking about limitations they might enjoin on each other – on the evolution of tyranny from within a Republic, not on the tyranny they’d already – by 1789 – overthrown.

      One person burning a flag hurts no other person’s “rights” to ‘life’, ‘liberty’, or ‘property’ – and those are what the Founders sought to protect Constitutionally, not the worship of a symbol.

  19. Posracin
    Posracin May 12, 04:52

    I’m Proud of the Vets, ROTC & LSU Students that ran the little Commie Rat off. This Losser Haas & the JackAss that started this, Isaac Eslava are not finished. They will show up again blaming the rest of us Americans for all of thier problems. These Lossers will try to make a big splash. I’m just waiting for Obama to call the LSU Police Stupid and invite haas and eslava to the White House.

    • Houserdog
      Houserdog May 12, 23:12

      little commie? how do you get that out of a protest for wanting due process?

      • MacAoidh
        MacAoidh May 12, 23:27

        Due process is not what Haas asked for. He asked for LSU to handle criminal
        charges of vandalism and destruction of public property “internally,” when
        there is no criminal process set forth at LSU to do so. You seem to
        misunderstand the issue just like Haas did.

        • deadgod
          deadgod May 15, 21:48

          What Haas was asking LSU to do was to handle a political protest as such and not as a “criminal” matter at all.  You seem to misunderstand the issue just right.

          • MacAoidh
            MacAoidh May 16, 00:22

             No, stupid. Eslava destroyed LSU property in his effort at burning the flag. That is a crime.

  20. Lizl1011
    Lizl1011 May 12, 07:02

    wow, your ad hominem argument against ben’s protest really addresses the issue of the protest. good work, detective.

  21. Zachary Uram
    Zachary Uram May 12, 07:41

    Another liberal moron. He is an intellectual coward, go to Pakistan and burn their flag and see what happens to your effete ass. America, like any country, has problems, but were’ still the greatest country the world has ever known. People like him are users. They benefit from living in a free, open society, they benefit from our strong military, and then loathe the country that has given them everything. If you think America is so bad go live in Iran or North Korea you fool.

  22. Tama
    Tama May 12, 11:33

    atriotism is death and dead, the system control feeding the war, this un-intelligent article, these writers, actually have jobs to be American Nazis,..hailing a flag? what planet is this, is about aboutt time people let go of their false identities and start being, in a world wide state of love.

  23. Fortrue
    Fortrue May 12, 15:53

    Most of you are too young to remember a time when patriotic young people protested a wrong, evil war in Vietnam by burning the flag. Were they wrong in doing so? What we have today is an America filled with undereducated, semi-ignorant redneck bullies who react to everything emotionally rather than intellectually. The fact that we are no longer recognized as a progressive, intelligent country attests to this. So the loudmouthed, violent bullies get their way and America slides into being a third-world country. Look, I am glad they got Bin Laden, but there was a time when shooting an unarmed man with his hands up would have been considered beneath a great country like America. Be careful you don’t reap what you sow. And all of you who profess to loving God and Country, need to remember the God part. Maybe taking him prisoner would have opened a big can of worms but its still the Christian, American thing to do. Those of you who can’t or won’t admit this, just prove my point. The Ten Commandments was pretty clear here, and even John Wayne didn’t shoot down unarmed men. Just food for thought.

    • MacAoidh
      MacAoidh May 12, 16:01

      Thanks for the dirty hippie perspective. We haven’t heard enough scolding by
      that community already, particularly all they’ve contributed to this country
      over the years.

      • Fortrue
        Fortrue May 12, 16:07

        No hippie perspective here, most hippies weren’t very religious. Read the post carefully numnuts. And they have contributed greatly to this country over the years. What have you done that’s so great besides spew hate and vitriole. Funny how some little pissant who hasn’t achieved shit with his life is so qualified to tell us all how to live. Thought freedom to live and think your own way was the point here?

        • MacAoidh
          MacAoidh May 12, 20:38

          It’s spelled “numbnuts.” At least learn how to spell your insults correctly
          if you don’t want to look like a fool.

          • deadgod
            deadgod May 15, 21:12

            “[…] by that community already, particularly all they’ve contributed […].”

            At least learn to connect your dependent clauses correctly, anaesthetizedjewels.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous May 13, 01:56

       Actually, having been there (protests) it was about scoring a little from easy hippie chicks.  Also, many were there because it was a good pot connection.

      The idea that all those young people were really into protesting is the fiction drawn up by the media.  Yes some were, and I would way half in the most liberal areas.  Trust me, I’ve compared notes with several from around the country, even Madison, WI protests were much more about scoring some hippie chick tail and some decent weed than anything to do with Vietnam.

    • Jimmy Jones
      Jimmy Jones May 14, 17:21

      Nice Marxist speech you just regurgitated, hopefully some day you will grow up and see what a pretentious a$$hole you were.  a$$hole you were. 

  24. sunny-in-texas
    sunny-in-texas May 12, 16:15

    “Which means lefties will acclaim him – because lefties are motivated by hatred for normal people.” ~Wow! Where did that come from? This guy is an idiot. I fail to understand how rational liberals (aka, “lefties”) got thrown into this mix as being full of hate. I’m pretty liberal, and I think his intending to burn the flag was vile. Thankfully, students, soldiers, and citizens came out to peacefully protest against his ideals (and thanks to the police, he got out wet but unharmed by those feeling less than peaceful).

    • MacAoidh
      MacAoidh May 12, 17:03

      You style yourself a liberal, and then you immediately assume when the term “lefty” is used that it applies to you. Interesting – mainstream liberals so eager to side with the Hard Left.

      • sunny-in-texas
        sunny-in-texas May 12, 19:56

        Ummmm, with “lefty” meaning “left-leaning”, that would be a ‘yes’. And what did I say, anywhere, that qualifies me as “eager to side with the Hard Left”? Perhaps you should consider walking the walking of being “middle ground” as opposed to jumping on anyone who isn’t Hard Right.

        • deadgod
          deadgod May 15, 21:23

          Ronald Wilson Reagan – standing tall, standing proud – sold or gave weapons of mass destruction to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Contra nun rapists . . . at the same time. 

          Lefties criticize America, but conservatives hate America.

        • deadgod
          deadgod May 15, 21:23

          Ronald Wilson Reagan – standing tall, standing proud – sold or gave weapons of mass destruction to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Contra nun rapists . . . at the same time. 

          Lefties criticize America, but conservatives hate America.

      • sunny-in-texas
        sunny-in-texas May 12, 19:56

        Ummmm, with “lefty” meaning “left-leaning”, that would be a ‘yes’. And what did I say, anywhere, that qualifies me as “eager to side with the Hard Left”? Perhaps you should consider walking the walking of being “middle ground” as opposed to jumping on anyone who isn’t Hard Right.

  25. Mabl423
    Mabl423 May 12, 16:44

    This guy has some serious issues!! His “poem”, and his looks, remind me of the Beatniks of the early 50’s that use to sit in the espresso houses drinking their espresso and listening to someone read their mindless blather. They’d show their approval by snapping their fingers and saying, “yeah, man”, “far out”, etc. Shades of Leonard P. Kreps!

    They want to make you think they’re so intelligent when they couldn’t even write a complete sentence that makes any sense. It’s NOT poetry and all it does is make it sound like they’re smoking their socks and underwear!

    This guy looks Jewish. I hope he’s not. But why are so many Jewish people in America part of the looney liberal left? That, I don’t understand if they sympathize with Israel in any way.

    Why did he come down here to burn an American flag? Why doesn’t he just go back to Missouri and do the same thing? Maybe because he knows they’d tar and feather him up there!

    • Look it up
      Look it up May 14, 00:43

       He’s jewish.  That 2-3% of the population is, and always has been, responsible for 90% of the far left/communist activity in this country.  Look at the leaders of the SDS, ACLU, Obama’s administration, Columbia U. professors.  Did you know 2/3rd of the “Freedom Riders” were jewish? There are a few jewish patriots, but the VAST majority place either gold or global communism far ahead of any allegiance to country.  This is especially dangerous given that they run nearly all major media outlets. 

    • deadgod
      deadgod May 15, 21:34

      Many neo-conservatards are Jewish.

      Are there really as many Taliban lynchers in Missouri as there seem to be in Louisiana??

  26. Mark James Solley
    Mark James Solley May 12, 17:51

    I’m free to break the law and free to pay the price. Would it be worth it to find myself on the wrong side of the law for knocking him out? ahhh…yeah.

  27. Lenny Michiels
    Lenny Michiels May 12, 17:59

    He does have a point, although burning the American flag is the quickest way to alienate the very people he’s trying to persuade. Cheney and Co. are war criminals, with their “extraordinary redition” and torture of subjects who are actually former US/UK intelligence assets.

  28. Drdm2626
    Drdm2626 May 12, 19:02

    Since he’s got such disdain for his country I sure hope if he had any financial aid or grants from the local, state or federal government that he has it revoked, or turned it back in on his own.

    • deadgod
      deadgod May 15, 21:44

      The Louisiana State University is a land-grant institution, is it not? – tuition ‘artificially’ suppressed by state and federal money?

      – in a phrase:  socialized education.

      Maybe Haas can give back all the “financial aid or grants” he’s taken advantage of – if any – when the fiscal-conservatard students at LSU quit hypocritically taking advantage of socialism.

  29. Ju Li
    Ju Li May 13, 00:13

    America is supposed to be land of the free. His freedom of speech guarantees his freedom to burn the American flag. Yet many of you here do not realize that. There are sacrifices necessary to preserve your freedoms, including letting people like Ben Haas burn the flag.

    • MacAoidh
      MacAoidh May 13, 00:32

      And yet he still needed a burn permit, which he didn’t have.

      If Haas had decided his freedom of speech allowed him to throw a pig’s head
      into a mosque, would it be a reasonable requirement that the folks in the
      mosque stand aside and let him do it?

      • deadgod
        deadgod May 15, 20:54

        And yet he still didn’t need a “burn permit”, because he wasn’t going to burn, nor did he burn, anything.  He was bundled off for beginning to give a speech (presumably) about the destruction to ‘freedom’ represented by gradual then sudden erosions of due-process legal norms, and, I guess, about why flag-burning is less anti-American than lynching people for burning flags – or, in his case, less anti-American than lynching people for advocating the Constitutionality of flag-burning.

        What does it mean to have a “right” that one should be afraid to exercise?

  30. Tod
    Tod May 13, 01:57

    Leave it to an idiot hipster attention whore. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!! 

  31. R.o.T
    R.o.T May 13, 02:38

    The USA is imposing communism on us.  They should have been chanting SECEDE.

  32. adfva
    adfva May 13, 18:59

    Most of you people are assholes. Quit associating Democrats with this guy. He was obviously extremely misinformed about what happened to Isaac, so you all attack him below the belt, posting his youtube videos and poems to be ridiculed. If you think so low of him, why stoop to his level? Not ever democrat is a hipster coward that hates America, just like not every Republican is a hate-mongering asshat. Quit generalizing.

  33. Dgg36
    Dgg36 May 13, 22:00

    @benjaminhaas, what a courageous and powerful free speech statement speaking pure justice and democracy.

  34. Afotia1020
    Afotia1020 May 14, 14:43

     If anyone recognizes him, they should ask him politely to leave the United States of America and go to a place where they want our flag burned…. like Palestine.  

  35. Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones May 14, 17:17

     Just another hipster poser, what a douche bag.

  36. afsdf
    afsdf May 16, 17:35

    Retarded hicks from Louisiana, Ben and the “counter-protesting mob”.

  37. DeWolf
    DeWolf May 20, 03:05

    I am a liberal and I hate what this guy is trying to do. Please do not assume that all us lefties are like him. I love this country very much…it isn’t perfect and still needs work in many areas, but I still despise spiteful disrespect like flag burning. I have a brother in the military who is willing to put his life on the line for our freedoms and the flag that represents them. If you don’t like what this country has become, take positive action to change what you see wrong…that’s what freedom of speech is for. It’s America for Christ’s sake.

  38. College Sports Rivalry
    College Sports Rivalry August 03, 21:14

    We featured this glorious show of patriotism on our forum

  39. Brandi Monjure
    Brandi Monjure May 25, 13:26

    He actually was never a mass-comm student…so good job on your research there. Communication Studies. Completely different school.

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