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Why Can’t The Israelis Just Get Along With Their Neighbors?

Why Can’t The Israelis Just Get Along With Their Neighbors?
July 07
10:03 2011

I dunno. Maybe this is why…

The Hamas government in Gaza has arrested a man for violating a recent legislation that prohibits men from styling women’s hair, the BBC reported Wednesday.

The report said that following the arrest, many male hairstylists could be found loitering at the entrance to their salons, terrified of being detained as well.

Last year Hamas officially announced a new law prohibiting men from styling women’s hair, as it negates Sharia.

Five hairstylists were arrested in February and forced to sign an affidavit renouncing the practice. The current arrest is the first known implementation of the law since then.

Adnan Barakat, who has been a hairstylist for the past 27 years, was flabbergasted. “Without work I’m like a dead man. The salon can’t function without me. I don’t have any other work. What can I do?” he asked.

Other stylists also complained about the law, as well as the secret police watching them to make sure they were not in violation.

Hamas has previously attempted to pass the law but withdrew following complaints by human rights groups.

The ban joins similarly befuddling laws such as the one prohibiting women from smoking hookah pipes and riding on motorbikes driven by men.

This is who runs Gaza. These are the people that lefties across America are purporting to stand with. Those same lefties accuse religious conservatives of intolerance, bigotry and stupidity in rapid-fire fashion, and yet they take the side of a group of people who think it’s a good idea to ban men from cutting women’s hair.

Of course, this is just a small piece of what life is like when Hamas runs your country. It seems the Left has no problem with this kind of stuff so long as they don’t have to live there.

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  1. Robinhedwards
    Robinhedwards July 07, 16:16

    This story is so minute compared to the evils of Hamas.  I can’t comprehend AT ALL why ANYONE would want to live under their law and ‘accept’ them into any other society but their own.  Hell, we should be rescuing their women and children rather than opening our arms to the insanity on our own soil..  There’s no logic to it at all.  It floors me!  People can’t be that stupid, can they, Scott?  ;)

  2. New Orleans' Finest
    New Orleans' Finest July 08, 09:25

    Actually, no. Maybe it has to do with the fact that more than 3 billion dollars of United States tax payers’ dollars goes to build Israel up to the regime so that if America were to dare turn its back on Israel, she would crush it into oblivion. No wonder New Orleans’ levees haven’t been fixed yet and our recession is forecasted to become into a full-blown depression, if it’s not already. Because we’re giving all our money to Israel! Who cares about schools, infrastructure, the economy, healthcare, jobs, private businesses, and stability in America! No! We must strive to ensure Israel has all the tanks and nighscope-vision jets equipped with white phosphorus to make sure they wipe out little Ahmed with his slingshot pummeling rocks and Mohammed with his mortar rocket shells that have an accuracy rate of 0.17% known for landing into random mountains. Right wing extremists know nothing of the matter yet Fox News somehow provides them with a deep, clear insight on the region’s problems that has been going on since before many of you were but an itch on your father’s scrotum. Read and educate yourselves. Calling Palestine a “serious threat” to Israel is like a calling a school-yard bully a threat to a convicted child molester.

    • Ralph
      Ralph July 08, 13:21

      The $5.5 billion total aid given to Israel (2010)  would only run the federal govt. for about 10 hours.

    • MacAoidh
      MacAoidh July 08, 13:27

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  3. Panamapolly
    Panamapolly July 08, 14:03

    New Orleans’ Finest is a true anti-Semite and loony liberal as well.  Maybe NOF should go live in Gaza and cut hair for a living.
    Your Mary Landrieu just MIGHT have something to do with the levees not being rebuilt the way they should especially after they all took that trip to the Netherlands to see how their levees were built and worked.
    Too bad they didn’t save the taxpayer some $$$ by getting the Netherland levee builders down here to rebuild our levees instead of using the same incompetent contractors/constructors that they keep using knowing full well the levees are a pile of crap and the politicians pocket most of the $$$ for their “pet projects” which is usually themselves.  And talk about a welfare city that the liberal Democrats of that district have the kept people so dumbed-down that the true Democrat voter flowed in the streets of downtown NO after Hurricane Katrina and showed the world just was that district is all about.  Real Class for sure!!

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