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LSU AD Alleva Deposed in Duke Lacrosse Suit

LSU AD Alleva Deposed in Duke Lacrosse Suit
February 04
18:20 2012

Louisiana State University (LSU) Athletic Director Joe Alleva was deposed last month in a lawsuit filed nearly five years ago regarding the notorious Duke Lacrosse Case, where a prostitute falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape.

Alleva was Duke’s athletic director at the time and was famously quoted as telling lacrosse coach Mike Pressler as he was cancelling the team’s season that “It’s not about the truth anymore,” because of the intense media coverage of the controversy.

Mike Nifong, the district attorney who filed the bogus charges was later disbarred and spent a night in jail for his role in the attempted lynching.

From the latest filing in McFadyen v Duke:

During his deposition on January 20, 2012, Mr. Alleva testified that he made positive and truthful statements about Plaintiffs and their teammates’ character at the University’s press conference on March 28, 2006.

See here the court filing.

See here earlier coverage of Joe Alleva at Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO).

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As soon as we get a copy of the deposition, we will post it.

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  1. Muddlark77
    Muddlark77 February 04, 20:06

    Also from the court filing:

    “Mr. Alleva testified that he was “crucified” immediately afterwards for making those statements [in support of the good character of the lacrosse players] by President Brodhead himself and in front of the Crisis Management Team, all of whom knew how “off-message” Mr. Alleva’s truthful, positive statements about Plaintiffs were.”  Brodhead later emailed Duke officials (from the court filing) :“Friends: a difficult question is, how can we support our 
    lacrosse players at a devastatingly hard time without 
    seeming to lend aid and comfort to their version of the 
    story? We can’t do anything to side with them, or even, 
    if they are exonerated, to imply that they behaved with 
    honor. The central admin can’t, nor can Athletics.”PR concerns (which dictated that Duke wash its hands of the players)ruled all, it seems…

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