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Obama’s Forrest Gump Analysis Of Oil Prices

Obama’s Forrest Gump Analysis Of Oil Prices
February 25
00:25 2012

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 25, 05:50

    That smears the good name of Forrest Gump to compare that lovable movie character to the Usurper!  At least Forrest figured out that buying stock in a “fruit company” (APPLE COMPUTERS) with Lt. Dan back in the 80’s was a GOOD THING! This USURPER has NO CLUE of the very basics of “ECON101″. When he could have, but didn’t, because he was too busy mimeographing radical “street organizer” flyers. (That means “copying” for you folks in Rio Linda, before this same economy came around to make computers commonplace.)

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