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(UPDATED) Easter Fun: The Bobby Petrino Fark-GIF Thread

(UPDATED) Easter Fun: The Bobby Petrino Fark-GIF Thread
April 13
09:34 2012

AND A LITTLE MORE: Y’know this thing has gone big-time when the Taiwanese start makin’ fun of it…

ANOTHER UPDATE: We can’t help ourselves.

Oh, and…

UPDATE: Now that ol’ Bobby’s gotten himself good and fired over the whole business with his mistress getting a job and a motorbike ride which blowed up on him when he couldn’t handle the reacharound, we’ve got this…

ORIGINAL: The Bobby Petrino motorcycle ride and subsequent career implosion is just too good not to make fun of.

It’s nasty to do it. I know that. It’s Schadenfreude, or whatever that German word is for “sucks to be you, guy.”

But here’s the thing. Petrino is a dick. And this is too good. Plus, there are some ARTISTS out there. Here, see?

This one doesn’t move, but we like it anyway…

And then there’s the post-crash scene…

More as we find ‘em.

UPDATE: We found some more…

And then there’s this…

This one you’ll have to watch carefully…

This might be my favorite…

How ’bout a little music?


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  1. Tom Ensey
    Tom Ensey April 09, 03:01

    This is tumultuous. Too, too multuous.

  2. Scott Malone
    Scott Malone April 10, 16:54

    OMG Willie Backer! that is gold! SOLID FREAKING GOLD my man!

  3. Rick R Plemmons
    Rick R Plemmons April 11, 02:30

    That s funny I don t care who u r.

  4. Steve Clark
    Steve Clark April 11, 12:07


  5. Matthew Logan McKee
    Matthew Logan McKee April 11, 12:48

    haha great

  6. Kyser Sanders
    Kyser Sanders April 12, 01:09

    I spewed tea all over my screen.

  7. Dan Owaski
    Dan Owaski April 12, 01:52

    This is why I love the internet!

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