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(UPDATED) Easter Fun: The Bobby Petrino Fark-GIF Thread

AND A LITTLE MORE: Y’know this thing has gone big-time when the Taiwanese start makin’ fun of it…

ANOTHER UPDATE: We can’t help ourselves.

Oh, and…

UPDATE: Now that ol’ Bobby’s gotten himself good and fired over the whole business with his mistress getting a job and a motorbike ride which blowed up on him when he couldn’t handle the reacharound, we’ve got this…

ORIGINAL: The Bobby Petrino motorcycle ride and subsequent career implosion is just too good not to make fun of.

It’s nasty to do it. I know that. It’s Schadenfreude, or whatever that German word is for “sucks to be you, guy.”

But here’s the thing. Petrino is a dick. And this is too good.¬†Plus, there are some ARTISTS out there. Here, see?

This one doesn’t move, but we like it anyway…

And then there’s the post-crash scene…

More as we find ‘em.

UPDATE: We found some more…

And then there’s this…

This one you’ll have to watch carefully…

This might be my favorite…

How ’bout a little music?



  1. Tom Ensey says:

    This is tumultuous. Too, too multuous.

  2. Scott Malone says:

    OMG Willie Backer! that is gold! SOLID FREAKING GOLD my man!

  3. That s funny I don t care who u r.

  4. I spewed tea all over my screen.

  5. Dan Owaski says:

    This is why I love the internet!

  6. [...] Both teams can play a stylish and threatening form of offensive football yet stubbornly, infallibly and somewhat artistically refuse to play defense, as if an actual adjustment would ruin their street cred.  And even though it is completely off topic, due to the publication date of this article it would be malpractice not to mention former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and his penis. [...]

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