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Hayride Cartoon: Do We Really Want To Keep Talking About Akin?


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  2. I would love to see Tom Bonnette's face on tv, standing up for his work and his opinion, defining "rape" and describing the humor in this comic. National TV.

  3. Jeremy Levine says:

    Jesus Christ! Have you no shame? Regardless of one's political convictions, that cartoon is over the top and nauseating.

  4. Samantha Dahl says:

    Seriously, I agree completely with Scott Anderson. This needs explanation.

  5. Stanton Hall says:

    Friend, you need an editor to tell you some ideas are really, really bad ideas.

  6. Peter Countryman says:

    This is sick. And disgraceful. Mr Bonnette should find a different line of work.

    • Bob Perez says:

      Now that I've picked my jaw off of the floor, I can honestly say, I don't believe I've ever seen anything so vile in terms of politcal "cartoon" work. Simply disgusting.

    • Julie Hall says:

      That is gross in the extreme. And where is Bush in all this?

    • There needs to be a rape corollary to Godwin's Law. Once you equate economic policy with rape, you've lost the argument.

    • Mark Bonnette says:

      Thats why you made it in baseball…….NO BALLS!

    • Peter Countryman says:

      Ah, the "artist" responds. Tell me Mark – how long did it take you to come up with that clever retort? Sounds like something I'd have heard on the playground in sixth grade. It must really infuriate racist, women-hating trash like you that an African-American is President, and that he's 10 times smarter than you'll ever be. Take a look at the reactions to your vile cartoon. Do you see one favorable comment? No, because no decent person could react to your work with anything except revulsion.

  7. Kelldicott Ryan Dockham says:

    This is really, really awful. Offensive, and not valuable discourse.

  8. Kelldicott Ryan Dockham says:

    This is really, really awful. Offensive, and not valuable discourse.

  9. So Obama allowed the government to use forceful means to put new life into the U.S. economy?

  10. Beki Lincks says:

    Shame. If anyone is proud of you….shame on them, too. I hope no one in your family is ever raped. And if Blackberry advertises on your sight then I will never own another one.

  11. Bob R Kenyon says:


  12. Josh Beall says:

    Regardless of political persuasion, this cartoon is offensive, unfunny, and inappropriate. If Mitt Romney was depicted here, it'd be equally horrible.

  13. Guruchat Led says:

    What did Obama have to do with the "legitimate rape" of the US economy? He didn't create the policies that were in place before the took office, and by the way yeah, your editor needs an editor.

  14. MisterJay Em says:

    I hope nothing terrible befalls the author or anyone in his family.

    – MrJM

    • William Ascencio says:

      This is a very accurate depiction of whats going on with american economy at its currents state. O did everybody forgot of the bailouts an the war budgeting? even obama was CEO go GM for a second and bail them out plus the according bonuses. I need a bailout myself but i don't qualify for social security unemployment benefits.

    • MisterJay Em says:

      "This is a very accurate depiction of whats going on with american economy at its currents state."

      I hope nothing terrible befalls William Ascencio or anyone in his family.

      – MrJM

    • Holy crap Will, were you born ignorant or did you have to work at it? Given how pissed off all the repubs were about the namecalling against W (which I found offensive myself) you'd think you guys would be just as outraged as everyone else at this piece of garbage masquerading as legitimate political satire. You have a beef with Obama — fine, it's a free country. But do NOT compare it to something as violent and disturbing as rape. You're just damaging your own cause and making people who share your views look even worse.

    • Clifford Bullock says:

      Don't make veiled threats.

    • William Ascencio says:

      it took me 14 years of university education to get this ignorant sir. I do have beef with obama but that a personal issue for lying not for his job actually he has followed his job description pretty well. And like his writers so eloquently put it I am a pragmatist only I have no writers. I doubt any republican or democrat in this country shares my views. And the analogy is repulsive but a very accurate depiction of the superficial truth at hand. and do find it satirical.

    • Clifford Bullock says:

      MisterJay Em ………it was a stupid over the top cartoon and Mr. Bonnette has the right to publish. But I suppose only liberals have the right to say assinine things and get a pass. I hope nothing happens to you either.

    • Clifford Bullock says:

      MisterJay Em … that your real face?

    • William Ascencio says:

      see mr. Anthony. I hope you got my last post. it got deleted. 14 years of university work to get this ignorant. and in resumen: I'm a pragmatist. Obama is following his job description very well. and this cartoon is discussing but still satirical. Now I have a question for whoever deleted my last post. HOw can you censor me and not the cartoon that although still satirical and spot on its in its nature quite horrible and discussing. Is it because I cannot tell a lie or because your afraid that Churchill was right and kites fly highest against the wind not with it.

    • William Ascencio says:

      MisterJay Em Hey hmmm. Nacho libre do have an actual opinion or just repeat the same threat over an over again?

    • MisterJay Em says:

      No threat. I'm praying for you and your family.

    • MisterJay Em says:

      Clifford Bullock Yes it is. Is that your real hairline?

    • Brenda Balin says:

      William Ascencio, you have 14 years of university work and you write like that?
      "This cartoon is discussing (sic)…"
      "…its (sic) in its nature quite horrible and discussing (sic)."
      "…or because your (sic) afraid…"
      Also, a little punctuation goes a long way.
      How's your doctoral dissertation coming? And who is writing it for you?

  15. Levon Mkrtchyan says:

    This is definitely the worst political cartoon I have EVER read. And that's saying a lot, because there are some really bad ones out there.

  16. Matt Hubbard says:

    The country raped the economy and Obama ignored it.

    How does a country rape an economy? I'm guessing the fat guy whose face we can't see is supposed to be Uncle Sam given his hat and pants.

    Not one sensible metaphor in the cartoon. Is this the best one you sent your editor or do even have an editor?

    I came here because Ruben Bolling, a good cartoonist, tweeted about this abomination.

  17. Doug Collins says:

    I'm betting Bonnette follows up with an "I'm sorry you were offended" like the miserable creep he appears to be. But I'd really like him to prove me wrong. Apologize to the nice people for the… atrocity you created.

  18. Christopher Bort says:

    You really are a piece of shit, dude.

  19. Chris Heinz says:

    I like the idea of all the red states seceding — except I live in one, and we get way more back in fed benefits than we pay in taxes. Because, we're the leaders in obesity, smoking, teen pregnancy, ignorance, and all else 19th century and stupid. Thanks to mouth breathers like you.
    The rest of the world so loved that the US vaguely lived up to its hype and elected a black president. If a white democrat had been elected in 2008, would the Tea Party exist? No. Seriously, grow a brain.
    Did you know that current DNA analysis cannot detect the difference between and white and black person? The number of genes that separate us is miniscule. Oh wait, do you believe in genes? Probably not, no mention of genes in the bible, is there?

  20. Matthew Creation-station Noell says:

    Louisiana, huh? Thanks for taking the lead in the "knuckle-dragging mouth-breather state" contest…….

  21. Really, really horrid. Not one redeeming feature in this cartoon. Deep, deep ignorance about the callous insensitivity attached to jokes based on rape is just the tip of the really appalling iceberg here. What could you possibly have been thinking? Were you, in fact thinking when you drew this? The ignorance, profound and abysmal, about what rape and what it is, about the economy, about President Obama and what he's done *for* this country, just beggar any credibility on social and economic issues you may ever have had, and for anyone who thinks this joke has a point (and that includes the artist), well, that ignorance can't be anything other than willful.

    The editorial cartoonist is a slowly dying breed. Bravo for making that death come a little sooner, sirra. Bravo. The meanness of people must truly know no bounds. The artist of this tripe needs not only an editor, but a recalibration on that still small voice inside that should have told him this was a bad, bad idea.

  22. Tom Bonnette! You are a fucking asshole!!!

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  24. Brian Guillot says:

    IT IS A CARTOON…GET OVER YOURSELVES. We still have free speech in this country right? or is that about to go too?

    • Brenda Balin says:

      He's free to say whatever he likes–and we are free to be revulsed by it.
      Or did you think "free speech" means free to speak without consequences for your cruelty and stupidity?

    • Brian Guillot says:

      absolutely…everyone is free to say what they want. If you read the comments, some people seem to be making vague death threats or just being rude. Ridiculous. what if I called everyone's comment stupid and cruel? O the whining …lol

    • Brenda Balin says:

      If you called *everyone's* comments stupid and cruel, you'd be guilty of a lack of critical thinking–which would make you at least stupid. Not every comment here is either stupid or cruel. The cartoon is, however, both.
      And no, I will not "get over it."
      If you fail to understand why anyone–especially a woman–would not be able to "get over it" then you might want to try that critical thinking stuff.

    • Brian Guillot says:

      how do you know that I am not a woman? this is the internet you know the picture could be someone else and the name could be false. :-) oh wait. I'm over it already

    • Brian Guillot says:

      how do you know that I am not a woman? this is the internet you know the picture could be someone else and the name could be false. :-) oh wait. I'm over it already

  25. Andrew Desmarais says:

    I am not sure what is wrong with you, but here are a whole mess of mental health hotline numbers. Please make a call to one of them, for your own sake.

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