VIDEO: Krauthammer Destroys The Obama Administration On Libya Lies

Damning indictment. Spot on.

In two parts.

The first part is embedded at Real Clear Politics.

The transcript of the money line…

At question is not the wisdom of the Libya operation, at question is the honesty of the Obama administration. This was clearly deception on part of the administration in sending Susan Rice to say this was a spontaneous demonstration, when as you reported, it was known inside the administration within a day that it was not. It was a terror attack. So why did they deceive? It’s obvious. Because the attack took place five days after the Democrats had spent a week in Charlotte touting, spiking the football on Osama.

And essentially, since it’s the only foreign policy achievement of the four years they repeated it over and over again, the great triumph over al-Qaeda. Well, within a week, al-Qaeda sacks a U.S. embassy, kills an ambassador and the administration did not want to admit it so it spent a week deceiving Americans to think it’s about demonstration, its about a film, thinking, I think correctly that if it strung it out long enough the media would let it slide and now that it becomes it’s obvious and true, nobody will care, I guarantee you. This is not a headline in the mainstream media.

And then the second, Fox News archived…

Andrew Napolitano calls it “criminally negligent” behavior, and he’s correct.

The isn’t much you can add to what Krauthammer said, as it’s patently clear the Obama administration refused to tell the truth about the Benghazi massacre – and it’s also patently clear why they couldn’t admit what happened there was that Al Qaeda hit us back for Obama’s bragging about getting Bin Laden and taking out Al-Libi with a drone strike while discounting Al Qaeda’s capabilities.

His mouth overloaded his ass, and what’s worse the administration failed to provide security for Ambassador Stevens adequate to the task despite his complaining about the problem. On the 11th anniversary of September 11, when there were warnings the Benghazi consulate would be targeted – or at least that U.S. diplomatic installations in the region would be targeted – Obama and his secretary of state did nothing.

Faced with the explosion of its incompetence into the public eye less than two months before the all-important election, the administration calculated it could dodge responsibility and public consequence by simply flat-out lying – because as Krauthammer notes, the Obamite stenographers in the vintage media would bury the story for them and swallow the company line.

This was about some YouTube. It was a protest that got out of control. They bring rocket-propelled grenades everywhere in Benghazi; nothing to get concerned about.

And they expect us to believe it.

Insulting, isn’t it?

Two weeks ago, Sun TV in Canada shot down this crap with no survivors. Two weeks ago they called out the media and the Obama administration for their lies. Here’s Brian Lilley from Sun TV…

If the GOP wins the Senate and holds the House but Romney somehow loses to Obama, impeachment proceedings should be begun the day after the election about this. Lying to the American people about not doing your job and getting your diplomats killed is an impeachable offense.

Because this is far, far worse than Iran-Contra. It’s worse than Watergate; nobody got killed in Watergate. But unlike those scandals this reveals a level of corruption within a key societal institution – the legacy media – that goes far beyond a bunch of careerist, cowardly incompetents, as dangerous as those are. When the media can’t be counted on to cover facts which are inconvenient to its political biases, we as a society are going to have a very difficult time operating on the basis of reality.

People who don’t have the facts can’t decide what the truth is. And if you can’t see the truth because it’s hidden from you, you can’t live in the real world.

So an administration which refuses to deal with real threats presented to it in plain view, and gets people killed abroad, then uses the media to keep the American people blind, and gets away with it, is a very dangerous thing.

Krauthammer sees that. The electorate had better. The real world will be with even those who don’t live in it very soon.



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