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Michael Moore Tops Lena Dunham For Worst Political Ad Ever

What’s worse than an ugly, androgynous and trampy woman comparing voting for the first time to losing one’s virginity?

How about old people who engage in vulgar language while offering mindless voter-suppression allegations against the Republican Party?

You probably have to watch the new ad produced by noted lardass lefty Michael Moore to appreciate how truly awful it is. But if you do, just remember that we warned you about the obscenities these geezers are spouting. This isn’t safe for work.

Gross, huh?


  1. [...] #7: Thanks to Michael Moore, Lena Dunham is no longer the worst political adster of 2012. [...]

  2. I read the warning – I'm still shocked.

  3. Ken Holton says:

    Such a shame what a little money will make people do or say. If these old folks were willing participants and did this because they wanted to, there really was a great generation in the past, but unfortunately, they weren't part of it. What a disgrace to our seniors. Only a lowlife like Michael Moore! What an insignificant and miniscule individual! Just keep movin' on Hollywood!

  4. Shawn Hanscom says:

    I don't think I'm one to get on the moral high horse, but the vulgarities and sexual innuendo sometimes emanating from the left and even the Obama campaign over the last four years is pathetic. This ad, the Lena Dunham ad, saying BSer to a guy who's interviewing you for a publication (presumably on record), the "teabagging" line in 2009 and 2010 – there are five year olds that conduct themselves better.

  5. I would expect nothing less from Michael Moore. He's as dumb as a box of rocks and loves to make stuff up just to "prove" his point. He and Soros are a good pair, may they both rot in hell.

  6. Barb Eaton says:

    My father WAS part of the greatest generation. These people aren't fit to tie his shoes….

  7. Ed McNally says:

    This makes respect for elders a little difficult. Well, at least these elders, but that was part of Michael Moore's aim as well, I think. I still respect elders by default, as most are quite respectable. Unfortunately, these were useful idiots to a uselss idiot…

  8. This is the Generation that saved the World? I am ashamed of the way they lowered themselves to a level of scum to put this commercial on the television where my Grand Child can see it.

  9. Just some old brain dead A-wipes. This is how ALL Liberals will end up.

  10. This has got to be a joke because the man alleged to have committed it is a joke because he thinks he has talent. Every time he gets challenged successfully on his positions he gets a look on his face as thought his prunes are engaging, his bladder is bursting and his IQ is about to eject with his fecal discharge.

    But in all matters earnest and important we can see where Moore has now become so impotent he needs to publish this trash.

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