The Hayride

And Then There’s This…

And Then There’s This…
November 21
00:34 2012

…because if you really look at it, it’s kinda true.

Scary, huh?

Look, everybody’s politicked out. We get that here. That’s why you’ll notice MacAoidh’s not postin’ as much – truth is, since he bought all that new hardware as a response to his anti-virus program killin’ his internet over the weekend what he’s really doin’ is playin’ Mumford And Sons songs on his iTunes at the top of his new desktop computer speaker volume and drivin’ the neighbors nuts rather than workin’, and passin’ off that lollygaggin’ on the basis that it’s Thanksgivin’ week and nobody cares anyway – and I’m pickin’ up the slack.

So you get dog-nose pics and Mormon kids jumpin’ off roofs onto giant piles of leaves instead of politickin’.

Did I say Mormon kids jumpin’ off roofs onto giant piles of leaves? Yeah, I did…

And then there’s the redneck rocket launcher. You ever see this?

It’s impressive. It ain’t safe. But it’s impressive.

So’s this…

And finally, a little safety advice…


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