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The ‘Conservatism Is Calling’ Video You’ve Got To Watch

The ‘Conservatism Is Calling’ Video You’ve Got To Watch
November 01
10:34 2012

This thing needs to go viral. Particularly in the last five days before the election. Please do us a favor and share it; quality work like this deserves exposure.

It’s got a great message which needs to be heard, and for a YouTube the production values are pretty darn good.

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  1. Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams November 01, 15:44

    take a look.

  2. Casey Triola Guidry
    Casey Triola Guidry November 01, 19:39

    You have got to watch this…no matter what party you are!

  3. Rick Smith
    Rick Smith November 02, 00:53

    This sets out the choices for the America of the future very clearly. I know where I stand and it's the same place all of my forefathers stood. God Bless America the land of the Free and the home of the Brave.

  4. Liz Deleev Hylander Priebe
    Liz Deleev Hylander Priebe November 02, 02:06

    I don't know of a better video that demonstrates what conservatism is all about.

  5. Denise Svendsen Sine Bockelman
    Denise Svendsen Sine Bockelman November 02, 20:07

    This needs to be seen by everyone who plans to vote, no matter your party preference.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous November 03, 04:54

    Wow, The Truth Will Set You Free!

  7. Thomas More Barba
    Thomas More Barba November 03, 17:32

    There's a big difference between Neo and Paleo Conservatives: making that distinction will make many people very uncomfortable, esp. NeoCons, who are more statist than conservative.

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