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The Little-Reported Bombshell In This Week’s Elections Was School Board Term Limits

The Little-Reported Bombshell In This Week’s Elections Was School Board Term Limits
November 08
12:17 2012

Remember how the Left and the teachers’ unions did a bit of squawking about how putting in term limits for school board members across Louisiana would be tantamount to eliminating the best and brightest in educational management in the state?

If you didn’t, that’s OK. Nobody really listened.

That was clear Tuesday night when in 62 separate parish-wide races, term limits for school board members passed in an astonishingly overwhelming fashion.

The numbers weren’t close anywhere in the state…

  • ACADIA: 74 percent
  • ALLEN: 74 percent
  • ASCENSION: 76 percent
  • ASSUMPTION: 74 percent
  • AVOYELLES: 71 percent
  • BEAUREGARD: 82 percent
  • BIENVILLE: 74 percent
  • BOSSIER: 82 percent
  • CADDO: 79 percent
  • CALCASIEU: 82 percent
  • CALDWELL: 77 percent
  • CAMERON: 79 percent
  • CATAHOULA: 76 percent
  • CLAIBORNE: 80 percent
  • CONCORDIA: 75 percent
  • DESOTO: 77 percent
  • EAST BATON ROUGE: 75 percent (70 percent in Baker, 83 percent in Central, 76 percent in Zachary)
  • EAST CARROLL: 76 percent
  • EAST FELICIANA: 75 percent
  • EVANGELINE: 75 percent
  • FRANKLIN: 74 percent
  • GRANT: 78 percent
  • IBERIA: 77 percent
  • IBERVILLE: 76 percent
  • JACKSON: 74 percent
  • JEFFERSON DAVIS: 75 percent
  • LAFOURCHE: 78 percent
  • LASALLE: 73 percent
  • LINCOLN: 76 percent
  • LIVINGSTON: 78 percent
  • MADISON: 75 percent
  • MOREHOUSE: 77 percent
  • NATCHITOCHES: 75 percent
  • ORLEANS: 78 percent
  • OUACHITA: 81 percent (79 percent for the city of Monroe school district)
  • PLAQUEMINES: 80 percent
  • POINTE COUPEE: 80 percent
  • RAPIDES: 79 percent
  • RED RIVER: 72 percent
  • RICHLAND: 77 percent
  • SABINE: 77 percent
  • ST. BERNARD: 75 percent
  • ST. CHARLES: 80 percent
  • ST. HELENA: 76 percent
  • ST. JAMES: 76 percent
  • ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST: 79 percent
  • ST. LANDRY: 78 percent
  • ST. MARTIN: 76 percent
  • ST. MARY: 77 percent
  • ST. TAMMANY: 85 percent (more on that below)
  • TANGIPAHOA: 81 percent
  • TENSAS: 72 percent
  • TERREBONNE: 81 percent
  • UNION: 79 percent
  • VERMILION: 76 percent
  • VERNON: 78 percent
  • WASHINGTON: 78 percent (76 percent in the City of Bogalusa school district)
  • WEBSTER: 76 percent
  • WEST BATON ROUGE: 76 percent
  • WEST CARROLL: 77 percent
  • WEST FELICIANA: 75 percent
  • WINN: 77 percent

Those numbers are staggering, and they represent a colossal repudiation of the status quo.

Particularly in St. Tammany, which had the highest vote for term limits of any parish. It was in St. Tammany, where the school district is reputed to be one of the best in the state (given its resources, it ought to be at the absolute top…but isn’t) where the local school board leadership fought education reform perhaps most vigorously. In Calcasieu, where union teachers tried to spearhead a recall of Gov. Bobby Jindal after the education reform package was passed, term limits for school board members hit 82 percent.

Those numbers are astounding.

Here in Baton Rouge, we found an amazing repudiation of the Baton Rouge Advocate as well – when three-quarters of the public votes against the editorial page of the only major newspaper in the market, it’s a breathtaking sight.

So amid a disappointing election nationally, it appears at least for school reform the news is good.


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  1. Deryl Bryant
    Deryl Bryant November 09, 14:29

    Certainly this article is a bit of "silver lining" in a dark cloud. As usual, the teacher union opinion is counter to the majority of the public and likely for very self-serving reasons that are also counter to what is best for the public. Giving the most hope is the change in the voter mindset that allows for term limits. Hopefully, that mindset will spread across the country and extend all the way up the ladder to Congress, where term limits are needed the most. For anyone or any organization to spew fears that the very best minds will be lost is insulting at best. It is this same narrow and/or self-serving thinking that has so badly corrupted our educational system with even more corruption at the Congressional level.

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