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What’s Up With These People?

What’s Up With These People?
November 05
13:32 2012

Somethin’ about playing LSU brings out the weenies among the Alabama fan base. Seriously. I meant that.

The weenies.

This was Saturday…

At least he didn’t rub it on some passed-out guy’s forehead. And at least he only showed it to a still-shot instead of a video camera.

But this was also in broad daylight.

Y’know what they say – if you can do it twice, it ain’t luck.

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  1. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann November 06, 03:51

    Just an example of the classless flotsam & jetsam that school's success brings with its good & decent fans. It is a shame that this scumbag won't be prosecuted…

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