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In Case You Aren’t Freaked Out Enough About The Threats To Your Kids…

…don’t forget the eagles.

Yes, the eagles.

This happened in Montreal.

When I was a kid there was an eagle who had a roost of sorts in a tree just on the other side of the levee from our house (we lived for a while right on Lake Pontchartrain). And when we’d play on the levee that eagle got a kick out of dive-bombing us. It was creepy, but he never actually grabbed anybody – we were all 12 or 13 at the time and a bit bigger than he was.

But he was a mean SOB. And when one of the neighbors’ little cats turned up missing, we just knew the eagle had made off with her.

Never have seen an eagle successfully make off with a baby. Never even heard about it. But the idea they’d take a poke at a human it by no means off the table; I’ve seen it.