VIDEO: Wanna See Boiling Water Turn Instantly To Ice Crystals?

Best place for that is Russia. It’s cold there.

And if you go to Siberia, and Novosibirsk in particular, it’s especially cold. As in, 41 below cold.

At 41 below, you can take a pot of boiling water, throw it out a 6th-story window and long before it hits the ground it’ll freeze into tiny ice crystals.

Here, watch…

They say it’s actually easier to get boiling water to do this than room temperature water, because boiling water doesn’t have dissolved gases in it at levels room temperature water does.

But when it’s 41 below, that water’s gonna freeze, quick-like.

They’ve got a million and a half people in Novosibirsk. Where it’ll get to 41 below. Can you even imagine that?

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