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A Bonus Fark O’ The Week…

A Bonus Fark O’ The Week…
January 12
14:06 2013

…courtesy of the People’s Cube.

To really get this one, you gotta have seen the original – which was one of the first Soviet propaganda posters ever made…

That one was published in 1918. But the post at the People’s Cube adds some pretty interesting info…

Curiously enough, the artist, Alexander Apsit, who is rightfully considered the father of the Soviet political poster, later escaped the communist system for which he advocated with his prolific propagandistic imagery. Shortly after the civil war, he settled in his native Latvia, leaving behind the “workers’ paradise” where many of his colleagues were being harassed, jailed, and murdered.

In yet another ironic twist, after Latvia’s annexation by the Nazis in 1939, the father of the Soviet political poster moved to Germany and worked for the Nazis until his death in 1943, in the middle of his adopted country’s war against the Soviet Union.

Crazy days we’re livin’ in, huh? It’s kinda like deja vu all over again.

I ain’t handin’ over a damn thing. Y’all can do what you want.

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  1. Elizabeth Weber Levy
    Elizabeth Weber Levy January 12, 21:35

    Remember kids, Obama believes the Constitution is a “charter of negative liberties.” Interestingly, Pravda, today, says Russia cautions us to hang onto our guns.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 14, 19:15

    History DOES repeat itself.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 14, 19:17

    History DOES repeat itself!

  4. Thomas F Sisson
    Thomas F Sisson January 15, 01:15

    Hey, reed829. So do you! haha

  5. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry January 15, 15:13

    If and when the guns are confiscated, the leftist dream, only criminals will have guns. Think the gun related crimes are bad now? Imagine "Chicago" all over this nation. Without guns every law abiding citizen becomes a target for the criminals among us, who will keep theirs. The left still doesn't get it. Criminals don't care what the law is, sorta like politicians, they do what they want when they want irregardless of the law. Love the poster with the "O" in it. Should scare everyone.

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