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If you’ve been following Whittle since the election, you’ll recognize the line of reasoning in this video – which is basically nothing more than a more concise restatement of his message.

Namely, the theory first put forth by former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter that the shape of a government reflects the economy and society that it governs. Meaning that the decentralized, limited government invented by the Founders reflected what was an agrarian, rugged individualist society, and much of it fell away when America changed into an urban, industrialized society which was reflected in a more activist, union-friendly, Progressive government which focused on urban problems.

But now we’re moving into the Information Age…

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  1. [...] persuaded that the answer can be found in the politics of the next great technological era that Bill Whittle is talking about, but this piece provides a backdrop for the attitudes and perceptions of middle-class Americans [...]

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