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Have You Seen Ted Cruz’ Letter To Rahm Emanuel?

Ohhh, it’s good.

Cruz, who’s the newest bright star in a rather dim galaxy of GOP politicians in Washington, struck a blow for the 2nd Amendment in a letter to Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, the CEO’s of Bank of America and TD Bank and the CEO’s of Smith & Wesson and Ruger. This was in response to word that Emanuel is trying to bully the banks into discontinuing their business with the gun manufacturers.

It’s a nice piece of political opportunism, a little geographical chauvinism and a nice slapdown of the nanny-state tyrants on the shores of Lake Michigan…


  1. Can we clone this guy? And soon?

  2. Will Schmidt says:

    Texas seems to keep getting it right.

  3. This Ted Cruz letter is great! If I were the CEO of either one of these arms manufacturers, I'd be looking for a line of credit from a financial institution in Texas. Remember that the Bank of America received a bailout from the taxpayer, and, is probably looking for another one in the future. Kissin' the "o" behind is what they got to do to get another one. I suggest that all BOA and TD customers take their business elsewhere. Some banks in Texas would be happy to have it.

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