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Kip Holden Swaps Spit With Another Anti-American Slimeball

Kip Holden Swaps Spit With Another Anti-American Slimeball
January 28
15:17 2013

It wasn’t enough that city-parish resources were used last fall to ferry Louis Farrakhan around Baton Rouge, an error in judgement which was a small issue in Kip Holden’s easy re-election victory over Mike Walker.

Now that Holden is free from political risk as a third-term mayor, there are fresh errors to report – and over the weekend there was one for the books.

The Times-Picayune offers up the story of Holden’s embrace of left-wing HBO presenter Bill Maher, whose grotesquely offensive comments on sex, race and those who disagree with him politically ought to make him untouchable in polite society, over the weekend at the Baton Rouge River Center…

Bill Maher is not one to mince words. Like him or leave him, he’s unapologetic in his distaste for the conservative political machine, organized religion and the fear-mongering mass media. He also doesn’t soften his routine depending on location.

“It’s great to be in the liberal South,” Maher said as he took the stage Sunday night at The River Center in Baton Rouge. He echoed remarks made in an interview last week that “no matter how conservative an area is, there’s a lot of progressive, freethinking people marbled into the population. And the problem is, of course, they’re surrounded by a bunch of rednecks.”

In his hour-long show, which mixed comedy with political commentary, Maher touched on many of the issues on American minds today including gun control, climate change, racism and intolerance and religion.

After the show, Maher received a special proclamation from Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden declaring Jan. 27, 2013 “Bill Maher Day.” Holden thanked Maher for appearing in town and welcomed him to return, also making him honorary Mayor-President.

The theater was only a little more than 2/3rds full, an indication that there are a lot more “rednecks” than Maher gives Baton Rouge credit for, and a few less “progressive, free-thinking” marbles. Like the ones who exploded in applause when Maher touted legalized marijuana in his speech.

But apparently not enough “rednecks” to stop a third term for a mayor who thinks it’s as good an idea to make yesterday “Bill Maher Day” in Baton Rouge as it was to send the SWAT team down to New Orleans to serve as Farrakhan’s bodyguards from the airport to Southern University.

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  1. Kathy Fletcher
    Kathy Fletcher January 29, 02:50

    This is hilarious. Don't you know Bill framed those beautiful certificates and will hang them on his living room wall when he gets home for all his pals to envy. Geez what an idiot.

  2. Robin Harris Edwards
    Robin Harris Edwards January 29, 02:50

    I have one question. 2/3 full? How many seats did they have? 3? Was this a free event? WTH?

    • Robin Harris Edwards
      Robin Harris Edwards January 29, 02:54

      Kip Holden is the lowest scum available to hold this office. What the hell were you people thinking when you pulled that lever? Bill Maher Day? Over my dead body!!!!

    • Gena Gore
      Gena Gore January 29, 03:39

      Why does that city continue to vote this Liberal into office?

    • Keith Edwards
      Keith Edwards January 29, 03:49

      Because more than half the city-parish are liberals, progressives, or just don't care. Not trying to be a smartass but… look around. We sure as hell didn't vote for him, and neither did MOST of the people I know. I know of one, maybe two. And the one ran for city council and I didn't vote for him either.

    • Thomas Mixson
      Thomas Mixson January 29, 12:21

      ……an enemy of God, a Socialistic Atheist, a foe of Liberty and Freedom………….OH! how the world loves it's own, and hates the prophet!!! For their own opens and affirms their way down the wide and easy paths to dystruction!!!, but the prophet calls out warnings and points to straight path and narrrow gate!!! But, alas, few are that find it!!! Oh! well!!

  3. Linda Diefenbach
    Linda Diefenbach January 31, 06:24

    Another politician who is a poster child for term limits. Please, one person answer why they voted for him.

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