Rep. Jeff Thompson Announces ‘Defend Louisiana Campaign’

From a release we just got in this afternoon…

Today, Representative Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City, LA) unveiled a new statewide campaign to defend the rights of Louisiana residents to bear arms called “Defend Louisiana.”

“The campaign’s goal is to defend Louisiana resident’s right to protect their families,” said Thompson. “We’ve done some good things to protect the Second Amendment in Louisiana, but we’re not finished yet. The Defend Louisiana campaign gives our residents a way to let their voices be heard throughout the state and across the nation. We’re standing together and sending a message to President Obama, Vice President Biden, the federal Government and those reactionary politicians who want to penalize law abiding citizens. We do not intend to allow go unanswered any effort to interfere with the right to protect our families here in the Sportsman’s Paradise.”

Defend Louisiana, an initiative created by Thompson, plans to announce a statewide tour in the coming weeks to collect signatures in support of the Second Amendment.

“We’re very excited about traveling the state and talking with our neighbors throughout Louisiana who share our belief that we have the right to protect our families. The solution to gun violence is not found in restricting the rights of law abiding citizens or demonizing self-defense.”

Thompson plans to unveil the signed petition on April 8, 2013, the opening day of the Louisiana legislative session in Baton Rouge.

Thompson also says he plans to work in collaboration with several other legislators to develop a package of bills that will protect Louisiana gun owners from federal intrusion; to penalize those who publish the names of concealed carry permit holders; to enhance school safety and; to raise awareness of lawful gun ownership and of gun safety and celebrate the hunting traditions of Louisiana families.

“We fully intend to give residents a united and strong voice in the defense of their rights and the protection of their families.” Thompson went on to say, “We’re showing our commitment to reform by doing more than just talking, we’re presenting bold solutions that increase safety while maintaining our fundamental rights. In the coming weeks and months there will be a lot of discussion regarding guns. We need to make certain our children realize guns can be dangerous and that we educate people about responsible ownership and use of firearms.”

The Defend Louisiana pledge provides: “I pledge to defend the right for law abiding citizens to protect their families, and will work against attempts to restrict my right to keep and bear arms by standing up for the Second Amendment and letting my voice be heard.”

“This is about defending our rights and protecting our families while supporting effective solutions to gun violence,” Thompson said. “I hope my fellow legislators and thousands across Louisiana will join me on this journey.”



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