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My Little Twitter Approach To Piers Morgan

My Little Twitter Approach To Piers Morgan
January 12
12:32 2013

Just thought I’d drop him a line, since after the pounding he took from Ben Shapiro CNN’s tabloid-trash host Piers Morgan is now decrying the right-wing host ganging up on him.

In true liberal fashion, rather than fight with those who don’t like him he should seek to understand their grievances. Isn’t that what they say when it’s time to go to war?

Thought I’d help him along in his thought processes…

We’ll see what kind of response that gets.

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  1. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann January 12, 18:41

    I don't know if he will understand. Possibly too direct and passive for him to recognize as constructive criticism, so he will likely claim that you as an individual are practicing the art of 'bullying', which he and the left have perfected {The Journal News} and the Right are mere amateurs {Ben Shapiro} because we only use rational logic to debate, not threats or physical violence {Union workers in MI & WI}.

  2. Melissa Ibarra
    Melissa Ibarra January 12, 18:44

    Lol! Love it.

  3. Jim Ryals
    Jim Ryals January 12, 22:25

    I've tweeting Piers since he said the Bible needed to be changed asking when the Gospel According to Piers comes out. He must be writing it it Latin.

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