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VIDEO: How Can Anybody Run A Business With This Going On Outside?

VIDEO: How Can Anybody Run A Business With This Going On Outside?
January 28
14:05 2013

The language in this isn’t safe for work – that is, if you can make out much of what’s being said, which you probably can’t.

A bit of context here: this happened at a strip mall in Atlanta, outside of a mailing/shipping place in a lousy neighborhood. A pair of mothers with children in tow became disruptive, and the security guard demanded that they leave.

That’s when a display of the character that defines the dregs of American society began. In technicolor. Welcome to the Great Society, 47 years in…

Here’s a question: how is there going to be economic growth in “inner city” neighborhoods when this is what you have to go through just to keep order in your establishment? The security guard has to tase one of these harridans for his own personal safety, after a great deal of buildup to that point. And after he does, he’s accosted by an individual who played zero part of helping to defuse the situation in advance but who is now irate at the ungentlemanly behavior the guard displayed toward his sex partner.

The answer is there isn’t going to be economic growth in those neighborhoods. People serious enough about their livelihoods to put their resources at risk in a business are not going to put themselves through that sort of hassle.

And bear in mind that there are no white people in this video. This is not a racial thing. This is a cultural thing. The security guard is an honest, productive American; those he is confronted with are something less.


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  1. Kathy Watters
    Kathy Watters January 28, 20:21

    ANIMALS that is what these people are nothing but ANIMALS!

  2. Robin Harris Edwards
    Robin Harris Edwards January 28, 21:50

    I love the tag you chose for the article. LOL! I hope she and her gang all went to jail and someone took the kids away. Those poor kids don't stand a chance.

  3. Becky Bramlett Lemoine
    Becky Bramlett Lemoine January 28, 22:17

    Are those children actually saying, "That's why you gay"? WTH is WRONG with these people?

    • Robin Harris Edwards
      Robin Harris Edwards January 28, 22:21

      That's what I heard. We're paying these animals to breed more animals. I absolutely can not believe it.

    • Rob Ramsak
      Rob Ramsak January 29, 13:03

      That can't be what they are saying Becky. MSNBC told me that only law abiding right wing extremists hate gay people.

  4. Carrie Gordon
    Carrie Gordon January 28, 23:27

    I love camera's. This showed the security guard to be a good guy dealing with bad people. I'm so glad he got this on film. One for the good cops out there and the BS they have to deal with.

  5. Billy Carnes
    Billy Carnes January 29, 01:54

    that is a obummer voter.

  6. Eric Digby
    Eric Digby January 29, 03:02

    Neanderthals..they haven't evolved to human beings yet.

  7. Walla Bello
    Walla Bello January 29, 20:39

    Human garbage. Hardworking taxpayers are paying into the pot to feed, clothe and house these animals. Hardly fair. Especially to those kids. They'd be better off raised by wolves.

  8. Gary Hook
    Gary Hook February 08, 21:50

    this is why our society is so messed up, poor parenting nd taxpayers paying for idiots like this to have more uneducated thugs.

  9. Mike Alan
    Mike Alan February 21, 19:50

    At the one minute mark the girl keeps saying schicken? what is she saying exactly?

  10. Mike Alan
    Mike Alan February 21, 19:53

    LOL, the kid calling the guy gay, over and over again. WHat the hell is wrong with some people? They repeat the same stu[pid thing over and over and over again. lol

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