Alfonzo Rachel’s History Of Black Democrat Loyalty

This has been around for a while – he recorded it back in 2011 – but it’s definitely worth rediscovering.

With Bobby Jindal’s speech last week talking about how the GOP has to pursue 100 percent of the votes out there, and how we should reject the concepts of identity politics and demography as destiny, the party – and the conservative movement – needs to look for votes in all the places it hasn’t found them in the recent past.

And that means the one area where there might be the best potential for growth is the black community.

After all, blacks were 15 percent of the electorate in November. Barack Obama got 14 percent, Mitt Romney got one percent. You can’t do worse than that, and considering that in 2016 the Democrats are unlikely to run a black nominee – Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, is really the only possibility for that and Patrick is no Obama – it’s almost impossible for them to match what Obama did, when you’re getting beat 93-7 within a community it’s a good idea to start trying to pick off some of the low-hanging fruit there.

How many black voters picked Obama just because he was black? How many of them are subject to re-examining their political affiliations when Obama is no longer on the ballot and also when it has become clear that his policies have been destructive to the black community?

Consider Chicago. Given what’s going on there, why would any black voter even give a first thought to voting for Democrats? They’ve been in control of that city since Mrs. O’Leary’s cow tipped over the lantern, and blacks have NOTHING to show for it but dead kids and bombed-out buildings. And considering the Democrat-on-Democrat carnage that was their teachers’ strike last fall, in which Rahm Emanuel gave away the store to the greediest bunch of thieves under the sun – and essentially throwing away any pretense of caring about the education of black kids or their ability to escape poverty, it ought to be socially unacceptable to vote Democrat if you’re black once Obama is done.

But that change will only happen if pressure is applied to make it happen. Rachel’s video tracing the development of Democrat bloc voting in the black community is one such application. We need lots more.



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