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YOUR WEEKEND COMEDY VIDEO: Danny Glover’s Texas A&M Moonbattery

YOUR WEEKEND COMEDY VIDEO: Danny Glover’s Texas A&M Moonbattery
January 18
17:44 2013

You’ll get a kick out of this. Watch a 66-year old child attempt to discuss politics and history without the slightest command of the facts or context.

Danny Glover, the well-known communist sympathizer, friend to the Castros and Hugo Chavez, college dropout (his degree from San Francisco State is honorary, not earned) and anti-semite, who also acts in movies, was the speaker at Texas A&M’s 2013 MLK breakfast on Thursday. And somebody from the Texas Aggie Conservatives, a student group, managed to get a video camera into the room to record the hilarity.

Among the highlights: the 2nd Amendment was written to protect Southern landowners from slave revolts and Indian attacks, so in other words this nation was founded on gun rights out of fear of “people who were stolen from their land, and people whose land was stolen from them.”

And also that they’re evacuating Pacific islands and African coastal cities because the polar ice caps are melting (even though they’re growing in Antarctica and you don’t get rising sea levels from polar ice caps melting).

All of which has a great deal to do with Martin Luther King, registered Republican and gun owner.

Watch the whole thing. And then look forward to Texas A&M bringing in a prominent conservative to speak on campus.

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  1. Amy Chauvin
    Amy Chauvin January 19, 00:54

    Nit. Wit.

  2. Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine January 19, 01:49

    Oh, but he's black. That qualifies him for anything. Just look at the Obafuhrer.

  3. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann January 19, 06:16

    So Danny Glover must be an "assclown", correct?

    Now I know what you have been talking about…

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 22, 04:07

    So I guess he'll be added to the Revisionist American History classes with the Muslims aiding in the discovering of America! Wow!

  5. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry January 22, 13:33

    The fact that he is an "actor" should clue everyone in on his thinking processes. They don't exist. This particular "assclown", like so many of his liberal brethren, just repeat the message fed them by the commies without letting facts get in the way of dialogue. Look for a lot of this in the next four years, more so than in the last four tortuous years.

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