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If Jennifer Lawrence Wasn’t Your Favorite Actress Before…

If Jennifer Lawrence Wasn’t Your Favorite Actress Before…
February 25
20:52 2013

…she pretty much has gotta be it now. Check out the video of her press conference after she won the Best Actress Oscar last night, and check out how she handles some of the dumbest questions anybody could think of.

“What was the process of you putting on that dress for the Oscars?”

“What happened when you fell going up on the stage to get your award?”

“Are you worrying about peaking too soon as an actress?”

Morons ask questions like that. Jennifer Lawrence looks like she’s not that big a fan of dealin’ with morons. But the thing is, she’s pretty cool. She’s nice.

Here, watch it…

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  1. Z-Tiger Lsu
    Z-Tiger Lsu February 26, 03:35

    Don't know anything bout her. But I do know that (and of course this ain't her doing) canned laughter sucks. Always has. Always will.

  2. Richard Garwood
    Richard Garwood February 26, 15:27

    What are we talking about here: peaked too early in her career? Lawrence was up against an 8 year old. Would they ask the same questions of the child. The Oscar is given for a specific performance given in a specific movie. It's not given for a body of work. The kid was voted to the accolade by virtue of an outstanding performance. The same can't be said of the droids looking to gin up controversy at the spur of the moment. Ms. Jennifer you did a great job.

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