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Pesky Parents Precipitate On Joyce Haynes’ Union Parade

The great folks from Louisiana BAEO showed up at a Louisiana Association of Educators forum at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, and turned the meeting into a mess for the union. They wanted to push a narrative about how Bobby Jindal is destroying education in this state and found out a good bit of the crowd was pointing the finger right back in their faces.

But vouchers “were not on the agenda.” Of course not.

WBRZ-TV Channel 2 in Baton Rouge has the story…

Tooooooooo bad.


  1. Francis Jacob says:

    Now please tell us poor uniformed folks that are not from Baton Rouge what the acronym "BAEO" means. This article (?) "Posted by: MacAoidh" is woefully short on substance, meaning, definition or sense. Any style of writing usually requires that if an acronym is to be used, it should be expanded to its full name on first use, else the reader is lost wondering as to the meaning of each letter of the acronym. I think I might know what the "B" is, and assume that the "AEO" stands for "Association of Educators", but I shouldn't have to "assume" anything when reading any article that purports to report on an event. And people wonder why this state is always number 49 or 50 on any list…..

    • Francis, I didn't understand what BAEO means either, but guess what I did? I used this neat new invention called "Google". It's a pretty cool gadget.

      Laziness is a big part of the education problem in Louisiana, among some other things.

    • Tried to edit my previous post, and it got deleted.

      Anyway, Francis, I didn't understand what BAEO meant either, so I used this neat little thing called Google. It revealed the information! Shock!

      Laziness is a big part of what plagues our education in Louisiana.

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