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VIDEO: Castration And Gun Control In Illinois

VIDEO: Castration And Gun Control In Illinois
February 27
13:04 2013

Here’s a state representative from Illinois, Jim Sacia (R-Freeport) holding forth on a gun-control bill being proposed in that state…

Naturally, his analogy of “you want me to be castrated because you’re having too many kids” is making the rounds as a gaffe.

It’s not a gaffe, it’s a pretty good analogy. It would have been a better analogy if he’d said “You want me to have a vasectomy because you’re having too many kids.” But then again, that’s not as powerful. Guys who’ve had vasectomies can have more fun than guys who’ve been castrated can.

And because he made that analogy, the Left is going to demonize Jim Sacia. For his intolerant and combative and inappropriate tone.

We’re fine with his tone. A bunch of crooked Chicago machine Democrats are trying to impose an unconstitutional infringement on the 2nd Amendment rights of the people of Illinois because the crooked Chicago machine Democrats can’t effectively govern Chicago. And that’s an outrage worthy of much harsher analogies than Jim Sacia’s.

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