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VIDEO: Have We Finally Come Up With A Battery That Will Change The World?

You probably haven’t heard of graphene. That’s OK; the inventors of it won the Nobel Prize in 2010 for bringing it into the world. Graphene is a carbon polymer which, as it happens, is something called a supercapacitor; what that means is it’s an electrical power storage device that charges far more rapidly than chemical batteries.

Graphene stores an enormous volume of electrons, and it can accumulate them at high speeds. Meaning that in seconds, a battery based on graphene can pick up enough of a charge to, say, run a cell phone for hours.

Or in about the same time it takes to gas up your car, a graphene battery might be charged enough to run a vehicle for a couple hundred miles.

That’s pretty revolutionary stuff. You might think this is some extraordinarily hard-to-produce item.

Well, just watch this video and see how they make a graphene battery. Pretty amazing.

Hat tip: Hot Air.


  1. Eben Osgood says:

    Mind= blown. Science is awesome.

  2. Eben Osgood says:

    Mind= blown. Science is awesome.

  3. William M Edelmann says:

    This is great, and if its efficacy is what is recited herein, why did Obama "invest" {actually waste} taxpayer's liabilities in Solyndra & Fiskar?

    This is exactly why the Federal & State governments & legislators should not 'pick winners & losers' when it comes to private sector & technology. with these possible technological breakthroughs, whether developments come from the biggest of the big {GE} or the smallest of the small {?}, it is irrelevant who discovers goods, services or products. Free enterprise will find it and invest in it to make the technology viable or prove its ineffectiveness.

    No government has any understanding of leading technology ahead of an ever changing world in a way which gives it expertise over & above the capitalist markets. If Carter or Reagan had made the Federal Government to invest in computer technology in 1979 or 1981, the Feds would have bought DEC, NCR or Commodore, while the private-capital markets invested in Apple, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Dell, Epson, Compaq & HP.

  4. Kermit Hoffpauir says:

    The entire nanocarbon research has produced some fantastic stuff.

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