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VIDEO: ‘Joe Biden Is What You Get When You Mix Arrogance And Senility’

A fairly hilarious takedown of the moronic “Buy a shotgun” statement from Joe Biden last week from somebody who has a bit more understanding of why folks would be interested in an AR-15 as a weapon of home defense.

If you can get through this three-minute clobbering courtesy of Colion Noir (who is a gun rights activist out of Houston) without laughing, we can’t help you. It’s terrific.

And if you liked that, here’s his video from about a month ago about the mass murderers and the lefty media’s approach to them…

Love this guy. Here’s his YouTube channel.


  1. William M Edelmann says:

    There was another on the You-Tube circuit, shortly after Newtown-Sandy Hook, where he was in a white t-shirt and NY-Yankees hat talking about the insanity of abridging rights of self-defense, ending self-preservation in favor of the criminal who will never abide any laws anyway.

  2. Charlie Dempsey says:

    Colion Noir rocks! I've seen a bunch of his videos, including the one about the lame gun store clerks (lol).

  3. Ann Rein says:

    Awesome. Colion Noir is a great advocate!

  4. This guy is good, tells it like it is. Biden is senile and delusional, and is way behind the times on most every subject he opens his pie hole to comment on.

  5. John Gotti says:

    I love this guy… He's awesome!

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