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Elbert Guillory’s ‘Why I’m A Republican’ Video

Elbert Guillory’s ‘Why I’m A Republican’ Video
June 17
09:43 2013

This will give you chills. It’s evidence that when Guillory announced his party switch at the @large conference 2 1/2 weeks ago he wasn’t kidding about being a Frederick Douglass Republican.

And it’s evidence that Guillory is willing to do more than call himself a Republican but to actually get his hands dirty and fight to open the black community to a conservative message.

We haven’t had this high a profile black conservative leader in Louisiana. Not in a long time.

It’s going to be interesting to see how far Guillory can move the needle.

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  1. Sam Burel
    Sam Burel June 17, 15:46

    Oh Yeah, things are looking up Brother…Another prayer answered with a Wake-Up-Call to All Americans! Stay Strong Sir….

  2. Nisha Killingsworth Roady
    Nisha Killingsworth Roady June 17, 17:05

    Wow, Senator Elbert Guillory. Thank you.

  3. Jeff Kibodeaux
    Jeff Kibodeaux June 17, 18:48

    I will pray for this courageous man. The liberals will now begin their usual character assasinations in order to minimize his impact. I wish some of our conservative leaders would follow Sen. Guillory's lead in unashamedly espousing the conservative, God-led principles that our nation was founded upon. Well said Senator!

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz
      Susan Baumgaertner Fentz June 19, 02:23

      So true, Jeff. "Character assassination" really sums it up. I* can already guess the awful names they will call him. He's a patriot and a good American.

  4. Ken Chapel
    Ken Chapel June 17, 22:14

    This IS a Profile In Courage!!

  5. Harold Coates
    Harold Coates June 17, 22:31

    Sir, It takes a brave man to step up to the truth and we applaud your actions. We know of the onslaught of harsh criticisms you will endure from the other party. We have prayed for a strong man of truth and courage such as you. Gods blessings to you and your family.

  6. Debbie Egan
    Debbie Egan June 17, 22:43

    Finally. A black man, an aged black, speaking the truth about the core differences between these 2 parties. I kinda wish he had added in that the KKK was a branch of the Democrats – FOR CONTROL through fear and intimidation. Many times (OK-most times) since the Civil War, the Democratic Party voted to keep the black population less equal to the white man. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Is democracy even mentioned in our founding documents? NO! I pray that this great Senator gains momentum and spreads the Truth.

  7. Frankie Culotta
    Frankie Culotta June 18, 04:02

    Where are all the men black or white like this, Mr. Guillory you give us hope that the truth will come out on the liberals and where there priorities are. Thanks You and hopefully your message will spread to all americans drinking this poisioneous kool aid that is out there.

  8. Frankie Culotta
    Frankie Culotta June 18, 04:02

    Where are all the men black or white like this, Mr. Guillory you give us hope that the truth will come out on the liberals and where there priorities are. Thanks You and hopefully your message will spread to all americans drinking this poisioneous kool aid that is out there.

  9. Onlythe Malveaux's
    Onlythe Malveaux's June 18, 10:45

    He's an old lawyer that couldn't win a case, trust me no one is following Albert

    • Joseph Lake
      Joseph Lake June 19, 22:23

      Nice….. Yeah but he won his seat, maybe you should follow him off the plantation its scary in the real world but give it a try.

  10. Peggy Dayton
    Peggy Dayton June 18, 11:03

    This is the first time I have posted a comment. I felt so moved that wanted to share with Rep.Guillory my feelings, Then I read the previous posts. Now all I can say is AMEN!

  11. Nancy McGinty
    Nancy McGinty June 18, 12:27

    I hope that Louisiana appreciates this man. We need many more just like him.

  12. Delbert Oakes
    Delbert Oakes June 18, 17:50

    God bless you Sir. My family sincerely appreciates you and your PROFOUND statements. We will ensure that this message reaches every tentacle of our enormous family in PA, TN, FL, GA, TX, KS, CA, AZ, NM, NY, MD, NC & SC.

  13. Tony Abata
    Tony Abata June 18, 17:53

    Thank you Senator.

  14. Pamela Fosnight
    Pamela Fosnight June 18, 18:05

    Can we find a man like this to run in Indiana! God bless you senator.

  15. Anonymous
    Anonymous June 18, 18:31

    You give us hope and believe me we need it, in these times of dishonest politicians thank God for the brave men like yourself. Bill Lyles Sumter S.C.

  16. Jarred Parker
    Jarred Parker June 18, 20:56

    Thank you Mr Guillory. I found your message moving.

  17. Anonymous
    Anonymous June 19, 02:25

    Senator, You are so right, I have been telling the black man that for years and once in a while I get though to one and when I see them a couple years later they thank me for making their lives better.I tell them that they did it I just showed them the way.

  18. Susan Baumgaertner Fentz
    Susan Baumgaertner Fentz June 19, 02:25

    I'm in awe at the courage of this man. It's sad that the Republican establishment is behaving so badly right now.

  19. Mona Wheeler
    Mona Wheeler June 19, 18:49

    This is so wonderfully refreshing to hear. I pray that his words are heard and understood by all Americans — not distorted or misrepresented — not used to cause hate or anger. He has "said" what so many have thought and wanted to say. I hope this is a turning event for those that need some guidance. Bless You Senator Guillory. God Speed.

  20. Lisa Gallegos Dotson
    Lisa Gallegos Dotson June 20, 21:08

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. And for speaking against a party that Plays off of minorities emotions and not their intelligence.

  21. Mark Watson
    Mark Watson June 21, 05:37

    From a white 54 yr old male…………I LOVE YOU Elbert!

  22. Rhonda Allen-Finkel
    Rhonda Allen-Finkel June 21, 14:35

    Well said, Senator Guillory, thank you for standing up and letting the black community hear the truth.

  23. Becky Anderson
    Becky Anderson June 24, 16:30

    I am so thrilled that more and more people are standing up for what is right. I am a 70 year old woman with not much I can do anymore physically, but I still and contribute and still can pray for those who can do the work. Thank you Sen. Guillory. May God send you many others to help in this fight.

  24. Carol Murphy
    Carol Murphy July 06, 03:08

    Thank you for being brave enough to say these things. I will stand up for you when others attack you.

  25. Jennifer Pavlovic
    Jennifer Pavlovic July 07, 10:11

    I'm stunned. God bless this man!

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