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New Respect For Ashton Kutcher After This Speech…

New Respect For Ashton Kutcher After This Speech…
August 14
09:09 2013

Kutcher won an award at some unwatchable teenybopper awards show, which would have been a prime opportunity for yet another unwatchable acceptance speech.

But he had something else in store. Kutcher shockingly brought truth and meaning to the festivities, and offered real virtue that almost nobody in the pop culture bothers to celebrate.

You. Must. Watch…

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  1. Neville Remmert
    Neville Remmert August 14, 22:17

    Would anyone actually believe anything he said? He is any empty suit who is in the tank for Obama,.

  2. Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez August 14, 23:17

    His comments were well said and have a lot of meaning…regardless of his political party? I don't think politics have anything to do with his comments. Wouldn't you agree?

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