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Mary Voted To Kill The Filibuster Today…

…which shows what a shamelessly unprincipled hack she is.

Understand that the vote to do away with well over 200 years of Senate tradition and eliminate the filibuster for presidential appointees was NOT a strict party-line vote. There were three Democrats who voted with the Republicans to save the filibuster – Carl Levin of Michigan, who is retiring, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who strays from the reservation just enough to keep his reddening state from despising him, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas – who is under the gun for re-election next year and is in self-preservation mode.

But Landrieu was with Harry Reid in this rather fascistic endeavor. She was with the idea of trampling all over the rights of the Senate minority and trashing the deliberative character of that body. Instead, the Senate has gone a long way toward becoming just another version of the House of Representatives – a transition expressly forbidden by the Framers of the Constitution.

The Framers had a very different vision of the Senate from that of Landrieu and Reid. The Framers set up the Senate not as the People’s house – that body was to reside on the other side of the Capitol. No, the Framers wanted the Senate to represent the states. In fact, the Senators were supposed to be sent to Washington by the state legislatures, in order that they would represent the interests of the state governments at the Capitol.

This was intended to be a check on the growth of the federal government. Senators, whose re-election depended on the goodwill of the legislature back home, had to weigh the interests of those legislatures before voting for some vast increase in federal power – which would inevitably come at the expense of state power.

It was a good balance, though not perfect. Political machines in the states often sent hacks to the U.S. Senate, and yes – corruption was not unknown.

And part of the Senate the Framers left us – though not written into the Constitution – was the filibuster, a tool whereby a minority in the body would be able to delay potentially destructive legislation or egregious appointments.

All sides agreed the filibuster should be preserved as a speed bump against a tyrannical majority. That agreement died today when Reid rammed through its destruction.

With Mary Landrieu’s help.

There is hypocrisy here, on both sides. In 2005 Republicans considered a “nuclear option” to stop Democrat filibusters of Bush administration appointments. That nuclear option was never acted upon, but it was considered.

And here is what Mary Landrieu said in defense of the filibuster in 2005…

Landrieu Nuclear Statement


She’s an embarrassment to the state, a rank hypocrite of the first order, a shameless party hack in the service of the worst majority leader the Senate has ever had and a cancer on our body politic which cannot be removed quickly enough.

Whatever it takes to get rid of Mary Landrieu must be done. She proved that today.


  1. It's time for Miss Piggy to go!

  2. Billy Goodendorf says:

    "That was the filibuster, a tool whereby a minority in the body would be able to delay potentially destructive legislation or egregious appointments." Like having the Supreme Court stacked, so that corporations could give unlimited money to buy congress, and Judges. Which is what happened. The Democrats have finally showed some balls, by getting rid of the filibuster since stalling, like the shutdown, along with gerrymandering, and dirty tricks, are their favorite words; for there are few dictionaries among them, and so use them for coasters for their "Koch Scotch Liquor" otherwise they'll just gets confused.

  3. Carlo Fortunato says:

    So, believing that nominees should actually get an up or down vote in the Senate makes you Mussolini?

    Right-wingers have become so loony and over the top that it's impossible to parody them.

  4. leave it to the hayride to take the high road
    the woman has no one in the race that can beat her. the self proclaimed doctor of the poor is taking a hit from his right. game set match…. mary

  5. Mat Gonzales says:

    Funny to see right-wingers claim that a Democrat is in fact a fascist which would be farther to the right.

    Might be time to open a history textbook soon.

  6. Scott McKay says:

    Can we parody your haircut instead?

  7. Scott McKay says:

    We'll take dictation from you when you learn how to spell your first name.

    Fascists are and always have been socialists, you moron.

  8. Scott McKay says:

    How come she only polls at 41 percent then?

  9. Ruth A Lopez says:

    Wow, you guys are some pretty massive douchebags.

    And all because Harry Reid just did the EXACT same thing Mitch McConnell did a few years back. And for the exact same reason.

    That's right – you asshats have your panties all in a wad cause Harry did what Mitch did.

    Big whoop.

    You guys have any plans on growing up anytime soon?.

  10. Carlo Fortunato says:

    Scott McKay Why dont you just type, "I have nothing of value to say"?

  11. Carlo Fortunato says:

    Scott McKay Why dont you just type, "I have nothing of value to say"?

  12. Ruth A Lopez says:

    Fascism is not Socialism, you fool. Open a damn dictionary and look it up for God's sake.

    Fascism is the merger of corporate and state power, combined with a belligerent and jingoistic nationalism. That's the actual dictionary definition.

    And I hate to burst your bubble of willful ignorance, but the GOP is the fascist party here – merging state and corporate power, and completely invested in a belligerent and jingoistic nationalism.

    Read it and weep – the GOP is the Fascist Party of America.

  13. Scott McKay says:

    Carlo Fortunato I can't. You already did that with your first comment.

  14. Scott McKay says:

    Carlo Fortunato I can't. You already did that with your first comment.

  15. Mat Gonzales says:

    Scott McKay That is how I spell my first name, idiot.

    Jesus, how'd you get into college? Did you finish your GED paperwork?

  16. Mat Gonzales says:

    Scott McKay Brilliant. How are your studies in ditch digging coming along?

  17. Carlo Fortunato says:

    Scott McKay I'm not the one who posted a picture of someone looking like Mussolini. Are you under the illusion that that's evidence of brilliance?

  18. Scott McKay says:

    Ruth A Lopez You did a nice job defining the Obama administration, but your history needs a lot of help. Both the Italian fascists and Nazi Germans were distinctly socialist – and said so – in orientation.

    I don't expect to get an intelligent answer from you for how people who believe in free markets and limited government as defined by the Framers of the Constitution are somehow fascists, so I won't ask. Have a nice day.

  19. Scott McKay says:

    Mat Gonzales I recognize that's how you spell your name. Thus the comment.

    Maybe you just suffer from Low-T. I should be more understanding.

  20. Scott McKay says:


    It wasn't Mitch McConnell; it was Bill Frist. And it NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    You'd do yourself a favor by doing one of two things: (1) Having a clue, or (2) shutting up.

  21. Scott McKay says:

    Carlo Fortunato No, it's called humor to make a point.

    Styling your hair to try to look like Che Guevara…now THAT'S brilliance.

  22. Scott McKay don't worry you can always blame the liberal press or hollywood for the self proclaimed doctor of the poor's loss.

  23. Carlo Fortunato says:

    Scott McKay The point being that Senate ran like Mussolini would have wanted it to for the first 200 years of the American republic?

  24. Carlo Fortunato says:

    Scott McKay The point being that Senate ran like Mussolini would have wanted it to for the first 200 years of the American republic?

  25. Scott McKay oh or the lame stream media. hahaha

  26. Ruth A Lopez says:

    Scott McKay WRONG – I watched the tape of McConnell saying it, and I know the difference between Frist and McConnell.

    I also knew that Frist had done it too, and that McConnell wasn't the only Repug to do this – freaking hypocrites – but Frist is no longer there and McConnell is.

    But, thanks for proving my point.

    I won't ask you to shut up, it's more fun letting you talk – you make my point for me and you don't even know it. That's pretty funny.

  27. Billy Goodendorf says:

    Scott McKay
    A simple, undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made. Brought to life in the South Park series, when Mr. Derp made a guest appearance at South Park …Derp is used when one cannot find the words or method to object, and therefore lacking in thought, and believing 'derp' says it all. like :poop:

  28. Kermit Hoffpauir says:

    Ruth A Lopez , Scott should have compared her to Leander Perez but the likes of you would not understand the comparison.

  29. It's "majority rules" when Republicans have the votes, "trampling on the rights of the minority" when they don't. Entitled, much?

  30. Buddy Spears says:

    Benito Mussolini was a Socialist. He wrote a treatise on Marx that Vladimir Lenin found so endearing that he replied in a letter to Mussolini " I wish that I had written that". That was before either had come to power. Lenin would later state that Mussolini had created the perfect Socialist state with "Government ,Labor, and Corporations working together in harmony".

    All of the tyrants for the past 100 years have been have been either Socialists or Muslims and in an occasional case both. The list includes Adolph Hitler — NAZI is an acronym for Nationalist Socialist Workers Party, as exemplified by the Brown-shirts. Hitler also gave the Germans a terrific socialized health care system — at least for those that weren't killed!

  31. Buddy Spears says:

    Reply to Mr. Goodendorf re the filibuster and the Supreme Court


    The following is excerpted verbatim from The Constitution of the United States except I have added the numbers to highlight specific and very restricted areas where the federal courts have — or originally had, before the 11th Amendment — jurisdiction:

    Section 2.
    (1) The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority; – 1. to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; – 2. to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; – 3. to controversies to which the United States shall be a party; – 4. to controversies between two or more states; 5. [between a state and a citizen of another state;] 6. between citizens of different states; – 7. between citizens of the same state claiming lands under grants of different states, and 8. between a state, or the citizens there of, and foreign states, [citizens or subjects].

    Item 5. was eliminated by the Eleventh Amendment, which further circumscribed the jurisdiction of the courts. Item 7. became null and void when the Federal Government resolved that issue by settling the claims with money from the Federal Treasury (which it had no Constitutional authority to do and which Jefferson opposed). The portion of Item 8. referring to a STATE was also eliminated by the Eleventh Amendment. Thus we have only Items 1-4, 6 and a portion of 8 where the federal judiciary has jurisdiction.

    Note that the framers of the Constitution did not attempt to specify every situation where the federal judiciary DID NOT have authority, as that would have been impossible to anticipate. Instead they specified the very restricted areas where they DO have authority. Also note that the Constitution PROHIBITS, BY EXCLUSION, legal intercourse between the Federal Government – via Federal Courts – and political subdivisions of states such as Counties, Cities, Towns or Governmental Bodies (School Boards, Zoning Commissions, etc.). It further PROHIBITS, AGAIN BY EXCLUSION, suits by third parties such as the ACLU, NAACP, etc., in Federal Courts against states and their political subdivisions.

    (2) In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a STATE shall be a party, the SUPREME COURT SHALL HAVE ORIGINAL JURISDICTION. In all other cases before mentioned the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as Congress shall make.

    For those whose education has been limited to the public school system over the last 45 years or so, I am compelled to state the following: When SHALL, the future tense of the intransitive verb “to be”, is used with a third person subject – in this case Supreme Court – then the statement is IMPERATIVE!! Thus, in cases involving STATES, only the Supreme Court has jurisdiction and even then under very restricted conditions per modified Section 2.(1).

    The following quotation is from a Supreme Court decision about 160 years ago: "This difference arises, as we have said, from the peculiar character of the Government of the United States. For although it is sovereign and supreme in its appropriate sphere of action, yet it does not possess all the powers which usually belong to the sovereignty of a nation.

    Certain specified powers, enumerated in the Constitution, have been conferred upon it; and neither the legislative, executive, nor judicial departments of the Government can lawfully exercise any authority beyond the limits marked out by the Constitution. And in regulating the judicial department, the cases in which the courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction are particularly and specifically enumerated and defined; and they are not authorized to take cognizance of any case which does not come within the description therein specified".

    “The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in…the federal judiciary; an irresponsible body, (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow,) working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little to-day and a little to-morrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the States."
    Thomas Jefferson, 1821

    The powers of the Federal Government are limited and clearly defined whereas the powers of the states are numerous and varied.
    James Madison, Considered the Primary Architect of the Constitution

  32. And here is the difference between the Democrats and the Modern Republicans:

    “I and other Democrats are committed to ensuring this consensus, AND HAVE RECOGNIZED THE PRESIDENT’S PREROGATIVE BY CONFIRMING MORE THAN 95 PERCENT OF HIS JUDICIAL NOMINEES . . .”

    How many of the current president's nominees have been confirmed? How many have been filibustered? Yes, the Hay Ride WON'T put this figures in their story because it will blow their entire point..

    The Modern Republicans do not respect our Democratic ways. They fear the voice of the people.

  33. Scott McKay Hey Scotty, how many filibusters did the Dems do and how many have the Republicans done?

    Preventing the abuse of filibusters is not the only way to break the system of government– filibustering everything does a nice job on its own.

  34. Ruth A Lopez says:

    Michael D. Day – Scott will be watching FOX and believing his tbagger won

  35. Ruth A Lopez says:

    Socialism in Nazi Germany was not Socialism. Exterminating the Liberals along with the Gypsies, Jews, handicapped, as well as crushing labor unions pretty much puts them well outside of the definition of Socialism – whatever they called themselves. They could call themselves whatever they wanted – Hell, Teabaggers call themselves Patriots.

  36. Ruth A Lopez says:

    Socialism in Nazi Germany was not Socialism. Exterminating the Liberals along with the Gypsies, Jews, handicapped, as well as crushing labor unions pretty much puts them well outside of the definition of Socialism – whatever they called themselves. They could call themselves whatever they wanted – Hell, Teabaggers call themselves Patriots.

  37. Taylor Huckaby says:

    Reading these comments is incredibly amusing, as Scott blocked me after cursing at me and calling me a faggot– for being gay. Great site, this.

  38. John Kline says:

    She is certainly a lot better than Vitter and his harem of prostitutes.

  39. John Kline says:

    They hate facts.

  40. Scott McKay let's look at the race. the oil companies love her, republican's lover, she's getting the black and union vote and woman's vote and cassidy has a challenge from his right. it's over deal with it.

  41. Ginger Jourdan Rushing says:

    Great comment, loved it. Just as today we have a bunch of conservative hags calling their organization after Susan B. Anthony. Anyone can call themselves anything they wish. That's why the dictionary is still important so those who care to look can know the difference. Just as David Vitter had a creep running his committee for Women's Issues beating up his wife at home.

  42. Sean Maddox says:

    I have not seen any facts provided yet by anyone other than Ruth and Mat. Explain how Democrats and Obama are the fascists, if you agree it is a form of corporate and state power, when the democrats are consistently getting attacked for trying to regulate and reign in corporate entities and their utter, subversion, disregard, and outright disdain for our democratic process?

    Also, neither Nazi Germany nor Italy were Socialist. Italy pretty much setup the framework for Fascism as we understand it today, and Germany followed suit. If you actually spent some time reading, you would know Hitler infiltrated the socialist party believing it would be the easiest to use for his means then quickly transformed it into a fascist movement. Hitler himself decried Karl Marx publicly and spoke about how he wasn't a Marxist Socialist. He hid behind the term socialist, as Fascism wasn't largely supported as a political movement.

  43. John Kline says:

    Sean Maddox There you go giving facts to confuse these people. Am new to this publication, but then I am not a far right extremist. Thank God.

  44. John Kline says:

    Took a good look at this publication. Actually kind of scary in their views. Hope not too many people take them seriously, but am afraid they probably do.

  45. Candy Timleck Alleyne says:

    good to know and Thanks i'll be using that "ALOT"

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