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Turns Out Totes McGoats Isn’t Even The Best Of Those Sprint Ads

Turns Out Totes McGoats Isn’t Even The Best Of Those Sprint Ads
December 20
11:47 2013

Y’all know about those James Earl Jones/Malcolm McDowell Sprint commercials, right? The ones where they make fun of all the stupid stuff people do with their smart phones the service for which they wanna sell you?

Yeah, those.

Everybody’s laughin’ like fools about the Totes McGoats one. Which is damn funny.

But there’s a new one. For this nutria’s money, it’s funnier. Creepier, yeah, but funnier. James Earl Jones ain’t been this good since Conan the Barbarian…

I’m thinkin’ about you, too, Darth.

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  1. Sharon Sparlin
    Sharon Sparlin December 21, 18:22

    Absolutely the stupidest commercial I have ever seen..who in the world is mcgoats…ignorant wor two intelligent men..waste of money..!

  2. Jaymal Whitley
    Jaymal Whitley December 22, 14:13

    Totes Mcgoats means totally.

  3. Paul Bush
    Paul Bush December 30, 03:46

    I agree with Sharon Sparlin. The commercial makes me ill, I switch channels until the commercial is over. McDowell and Jones must be hard up for money. Which audience is Sprint attempting to appeal to. I'm a year younger than MdDowell and (oldgoattoo) and it sure didn't appeal to me. Who likes two snobs? Lord, what next?

  4. Darcey O'Donoghue
    Darcey O'Donoghue January 17, 07:31

    To each his own. Personally, I thought it was cray cray aborbs!

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