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VIDEO: Watch A ’25-Year Veteran Legislator’ At Work

VIDEO: Watch A ’25-Year Veteran Legislator’ At Work
April 23
21:10 2014

Here’s some video from today’s Senate Health And Welfare Committee hearing on SB 96, Sen. Ben Nevers’ bill to expand Medicaid in Louisiana. That committee killed the bill on a 6-2 vote.

Our readers by now know that Sen. Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb is a crook.

Here’s an indication she’s also a clown. Dorsey-Colomb brags about having 25 years of legislative experience, and yet she thinks the runup in federal debt during the Obama administration is “inflation,” and she also thinks poor people pay taxes because they’re paying sales taxes at the grocery store – when grocery items are exempted from Louisiana sales tax. The latter is a pretty inexcusable error considering the issue of sales tax exemptions was revisited in some detail just last year when Gov. Bobby Jindal proposed to eliminate the state income tax in exchange for a hike on sales taxes.

Two and a half decades of legislative experience produces this level of performance. Enjoy…

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  1. Paul Page
    Paul Page April 24, 02:29

    You left out the part where she said that "…people work for minimum wage AND BELOW" When is ANYone going to call her out on this? She obviously will never visit the Hayride site – I'm looking for someone to publicly educate her.

  2. Clifford Bullock
    Clifford Bullock May 02, 14:41

    Makes you wonder where the leader of this legeslative body is when she opens her ignorant gob. If she was white the press would crucify her. Since she is black it's all to be expected? Ronald Reagan called it the "subtle racism of low expectations". The people of her district who are predominately black deserve better.

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