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VIDEO: Watch New Yorkers Claim ISIS Terrorists In The U.S. Is “Fake News”

VIDEO: Watch New Yorkers Claim ISIS Terrorists In The U.S. Is “Fake News”
December 28
10:43 2016

The left has been going hysterical about “fake news.” They claim that the Russians used “fake news” on social media to influence the election.

Reporter Laura Loomer went to Grand Central Station in New York City to interview travelers about whether or not ISIS spreading in the U.S. is “fake news.” Most of the people who responded said ISIS in the U.S. was “fake news” and were more concerned about Russian hacking of the election. She even interviewed one lady who visited Germany seemed to want to use “fake news” as an excuse to censor conservative thought.

While the interviews are going on, the video cuts to black and runs on the screen details of suspected Islamic terrorists being arrested in New York City over the past couple of years. Meanwhile, the Washington Times reported yesterday that nine ISIS sympathizers have been arrested over the past couple of years in the DC area.

The relevant part of the video is about 4 and half minutes long. The rest of it is Pam Gellar talking about her projects and so forth.

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