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Did You Pay For Wife Biter Troy Brown’s Apology Mailer?

Did You Pay For Wife Biter Troy Brown’s Apology Mailer?
February 14
17:38 2017

Recently, State Sen. Troy Brown (D-Napoleonville) sent out an apology direct mail piece. He told his constituents that he was sorry and his conduct was “inexcusable.”

Here’s what he sent out.



If I was a cynical man, I would say that Troy Brown’s Bible quotes are a bit disingenuous. After all, if Troy Brown was such a godly man, he wouldn’t have a mistress, let alone beat her. We’re not even touching the whole wife biting and beating thing.

Which begs the question of who paid for it? Here’s a conversation that a couple friends of The Hayride, political consultant Anthony Ramirez and Celtic Media Centre’s Patrick Mulhearn had about the mailer. We have permission from both men to include it in this piece.


Since it has the state seal on his mailer, the taxpayers of Louisiana paid for Brown’s apology mailer. If state funds were not used to pay for the mailer, then it is illegal to use the state seal and Brown did not disclose who paid for it. That’s a violation of state campaign finance law.

No wonder why Brown wants to stay in the Louisiana Senate. He wants to keep mailing you things at taxpayer expense. Aren’t you happy that you paid for Brown’s “apology?”

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