Troy Bell Didn’t Even Last A Week

New Poll Shows John Bel Edwards’ Agenda Is A Complete Political Disaster

Quote Of The Day, April 21, 2017

Is Letting Serial Killers Go After Only 17 Years What JBE Intends When He Pushes Prison Reform?

The Uncommon Stupidity Of The Maduro Regime Results In The Seizure Of The GM Plant In Venezuela

Quote Of The Day, April 20, 2017

The Cedric Glover-vs.-Beer Fight Continues, And Kennedy Has Now Weighed In

One Wonders Why Sharon Weston Broome And Her Pals Insist On Kicking Over The St. George Anthill

Does Anybody Believe Sam Jones Filed A Bill Extending The Nation’s Highest Sales Tax Rates Without JBE’s Approval?

Quote Of The Day, April 19, 2017

Needless To Say, Slaughter’s Mayor Robert Jackson Ought To Resign Yesterday If Not Sooner

Will Someone Please Call John Bel Edwards And Rebekah Gee On The Carpet For Mismanaging LDH Funds?

The First-Quarter Campaign Finance Reports Are Out, And Schroder Sits Atop The Money Standings In The Treasurer’s Race

Sharon Weston Broome Just Sent A Letter Bragging About Her Administration’s Progress, And It’s Just…

Iberville Parish Is About To Become The Least Popular Place In The State In Which To Drive

Quote Of The Day, April 18, 2017

Troy Bell Looks Like An Even Worse Hire Than We Thought

This Is The Best Baton Rouge Can Do For A Chief Administrative Officer?

Quote Of The Day, April 17, 2017

Cedric Glover, Desperate For Relevance, Tries Handcuffing Louisiana’s Universities’ Outside Revenue-Generation Efforts