Quote Of The Day, June 21, 2017

AUDIO: Jeff Sadow Says If Anybody’s At Fault For The “Epic Leadership Failure” In Louisiana, It’s JBE

Our “Scandal-Free” Former President Is Apparently Stashing Evidence In His Library Vault

Quote Of The Day, June 20, 2017

On The Shakespeare In The Park Protest Controversy

Does Louisiana Deserve Steve Scalise?

Question To The Folks: Does This Ad Help Or Hurt The Conservative Cause?

Quote Of The Day, June 19, 2017

Gary Chambers Called For A Riot In Baton Rouge This Weekend…

TRANSCRIPT: Remarks From Dr. Jack Sava, Steve Scalise’s Lead Physician

This Afternoon, A Group Of Leftists Plan A Takeover Of Bill Cassidy’s Metairie Office

The Scalise Shooting Is Teaching Us Things About Ourselves That We Ought Not To Like

Quote Of The Day, June 16, 2017

The Latest Update On Steve Scalise’s Condition Is A Positive One

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Four Days Ago, And Bernie Sanders Now

Quote Of The Day, June 15, 2017

How Violent Is The Resistance? How Much Evidence Do You Need?

John Delgado’s Successor On The Baton Rouge Metro Council Has Now Made Us Miss Him Badly

The House Has Just Capitulated To The Senate On The Louisiana Budget; See The Votes Here

This Video Of The Attempted Assassination Of Steve Scalise Will Affect You Deeply