Maybe It’s Me…

…but if our First Lady thinks these ugly-ass Chuck Taylor knockoffs are worth $540, there is an even more severe dearth of economic understanding in this administration than even I thought.
Seriously, enough already about the Michelle Obama-as-style-maven crap. She ain’t Evita Peron and she definitely ain’t Jackie O. Let the woman alone. I don’t have much use for her and her racist thesis at Princeton and her disdain for America up until the point where it decided maybe she could have something more than a 300K-a-year cush PR gig at a hospital in Chicago, but I’m happy to let that sleeping dog lie until America finally wakes up and runs her husband’s fascisti out of the White House.

But let’s have done with this glamour queen First Lady business by the celebrity press. First of all, there are lots of actually good-looking women they could glom on to and shoot foot-fetish pictures of. Second, at the onset of the Obama Depression it’s hard to justify free media on behalf of some Frog rip-off artist making $500 tennis shoes that look like somebody spray-painted $20 Converse from Goodwill. Third, where is all the outrage about Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe now that half of somebody’s mortgage payment gets blown on knockaround shoes on Pennsylvania Avenue? And fourth, these same people treated Laura Bush like Susan Storm Richards for the last six years; all of a sudden the First Lady is relevant again? Why is that?

You’ll forgive me if I’m a little cranky; my mood has suffered ever since I heard about the Don Corleone tactics this president is attempting to employ in order to shove a terrible and illegal Chrysler non-bankruptcy up the rear end of that company’s legally-entitled bondholders. But when these arrogant, drunk-with-power tyrants spend their first 15 weeks laying waste to the rule of law and the sanctity of contracts along with breaking the currency in order to subsidize the destruction of wealth by politically-connected incompetents at the helm of formerly-productive companies – and fiddle while Pakistan burns down to a failed state run by the Taliban…

Like I said, maybe it’s me. Those shoes suck, though.



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