A Question About The Global-Warming Mob…

…who’s behind their funding?

Has anyone ever done the real research to find out who backs these organizations?

Sure, the Hollywood Left and the Soros mob plays a large part. But it’s hard to believe that those people all by themselves can keep such a massive fraud going.

Government funding plays a part as well, no doubt. That has been going on for far too long.

But who else?

Has anyone ever sought to establish a connection between funding for groups like the Sierra Club and the various Climate Action Network people – and foreign sources?

Would it really be a surprise to anyone if such research turned up locations like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran, China and Russia as origination points for climate change money? After all, who but those countries benefit most should America abandon its domestic sources of energy and self-destruct our economic dominance on the world stage?

If Putin, Chavez or Ahmedinejad wanted to build a fifth column with an eye toward forcing more dependence on foreign energy sources and eroding economic performance within the United States, would the global warming movement not be a perfect vehicle?

I’m just asking the question. Shouldn’t someone investigate this?

After all, yesterday the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a global-warming suit against the coal industry on the basis of public nuisance can go forward. It’s now a wide-open playing field for tort lawyers to assault productive industry on the basis of perceived harms which can neither be proven nor linked to the activity of American industry, and the damage which can be done to domestic energy production and basically all other manufacturing in this country is likely to rival that of medical malpractice to the healthcare sector.

Should this foolishness go forward, it will threaten the very viability of American enterprise. So, I ask again, cui bono? Who benefits?



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