Veterans' Day Crotch Salute

From our friends at, and along the lines of last night’s post questioning whether the president is actually on the side of the American people, we present this:

Throughout the Bush years, the Left routinely became unhinged at the idea conservatives would question their patriotism, forcing Republican political candidates to contort themselves into pretzels by concocting a nuanced “I don’t question your patriotism; rather, I question your judgement” line to address the issue. But it was always patently obvious the Left was less patriotic than the American mainstream, and a respect for polite discourse if not outright political correctness kept the situation from being given a full airing.

Now, we see the Left’s prototype president in action. And whatever doubt there might be about his patriotism compared to American leaders in the past has to be melting away.

After all, Obama’s “low five” national anthem stance is nothing new. This happened back during the presidential campaign:

I’ll admit that our president’s intermittent failure to use commonly-accepted gestures to show respect for the flag doesn’t in and of itself prove anything; after all, the left-wing nutroots sites will regale you with pictures of the president with his hand over his heart to prove he’s capable of showing the proper respect – and then they’ll show you a picture of Obama’s predecessor during the national anthem with his hand holding his jacket closed rather than over his heart, all the while inveighing on how “stupid” the whole controversy might be.

The Left will also call you stupid when you point out this:

We’re told that despite what we can plainly see, Obama didn’t actually bow to the Saudi king, which no other American president has ever done. Nothing to see here, people, move on:


And his serial apologies for everything in America’s history prior to his presidency; well, that’s just good diplomacy, isn’t it? And his statement at the U.N. that “no country can or should dominate another country” amid a speech essentially bringing America down to the level of every other country in the world; well, obviously we’re getting it all wrong in thinking that implies a lack of patriotism. And then there was Obama’s statement on American exceptionalism during an April trip to Europe, whereby he was unable to say that this country had any moral superiority to any other; we’re exceptional because of a strong military and a rich economy.

Bear in mind that this is a man who sat in a pew every Sunday and listened to what can only be described as sedition out of the mouth of Rev. Jeremiah Wright (God Damn America, U.S. of KKKA, and so on) without any measure of protest, and in fact greeted the revelations of Wright’s speeches with the initial statement that he didn’t think anything Wright said was particularly controversial, much less totally wrong.

There are countless other examples I could provide which serve to prove that this man is less patriotic and holds this country in less regard than either mainstream America does or certainly than his predecessors did. And as he is the avatar for the American Left in a way equalled by no other modern political figure, perhaps it’s time to question more boldly whether the Left really does need to learn to love this country.

I’ll ask this question: what, exactly, does the Left love about America? They love the legal system; that much seems clear, since they’re in favor of litigating just about everything under the sun. But do they love Americans? Sure, America is a land, and it’s an idea, but at the end of the day what America really is is 300 million people who share that land and that idea. And the Left seems to spend its time hectoring and limiting those 300 million people, about what kind of car they should drive and what they should eat and how much carbon dioxide they put into the atmosphere and how they can use their land and what they can do with their money and so on. Is that love of country, or is it love of power?

I’ll submit that if patriotism implies love of country, the Left falls far short. They don’t love this country. What they love is what they think they could do with this country if someone gave them a chance. Conservatives and even moderates, I think, love this country as it is. And that’s something we should all keep in mind the next time we have a chance to choose our leaders.



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