Obama Treating Bomber as Criminal Instead of Terrorist

So we decided to let Abdulmutallab lawyer up, and not talk to us, huh?  Cool.  So what if he initially said that there were 25 others just like him training in Yemen to blow us up?  So what if there are solid reports that he had an accomplice in Amsterdam who helped him evade normal passport control?   So what if we’re now learning that there was a similar attempt to blow up an airliner last month?  We can’t treat him as an enemy combatant because BusHitler did that kind of thing (see Jose Padilla), and we’ve declared an end to the pretended “War on Terror” and are closing the stalag at Guantanamo.

And, really, what’s the big deal about the occasional “man-caused disaster” anyway?  A few hundred American deaths are a small price to pay for all that Hollywood love and Nobel prizes that we get by maintaining an attitude of peace.  And anyway, our system of ignoring terror is working.  If we ignore it long enough, it’ll go away.  You’ll see.  It’s definitely not a big enough deal to cut short a Hawaiian vacation.  Don’t worry — be happy.



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