The World’s Dumbest Senator Strikes Again

Most of our readers have probably already seen the video of Harry Reid likening an objection to a rotting, stinking, 2,074-page federal seizure of the medical sector to a defense of slavery, which he did today. If you haven’t, here it is…

To say that Reid is a moron for making this statement would do a great disservice to morons. Wasn’t it Reid’s own party who tried to put the brakes on to abolishing slavery? Of course it was. Not that slavery has anything whatsoever to do with the current socialized medicine bill – with the exception that those who fought slavery were seeking to expand freedom and it’s quite clear Reid’s side of the current debate seeks to limit it.

Given his flagrant stupidity today, we offer two items. The first comes from Reid’s hometown newspaper:

President Barack Obama has lost ground in the last month in getting Nevadans to embrace his health care reform package and, for the first time, opposition is above 50 percent and support is below 40 percent, a new poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals.

The telephone poll of 625 registered voters found that 53 percent of Nevadans oppose the president’s attempt to provide a remedy for problems in the nation’s health care system. Support for the plan is at 39 percent.

That’s a 4 percentage point difference in both categories from an October poll that showed support at 43 percent and opposition at 49 percent, almost within that poll’s margin of error. Now the gap is at 14 points and opposition in Obama’s own Democratic Party is climbing, from 15 percent in October to 23 percent in the most recent poll.

But the numbers are not far off from an August poll that showed support at 40 percent and opposition at 50 percent.

Fueling discontent with the bill, the poll shows, is the growing belief by Nevadans that Obama’s reform package will raise taxes, result in rationing of health care, and cause major cuts to Medicare programs.

“When you look at the entire poll, it’s clear the voters of Nevada do not want this bill to pass,” said Brad Coker, managing partner of Washington, D.C.-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc., which conducted the poll Monday through Wednesday. “When you break it all down, it appears that Nevadans would just as soon throw this bill out and start over.”

That Reid would essentially give his constituents the finger isn’t really news, considering that he’s been involved with crooked real estate deals with shady characters back home on repeated occasions and thus has no compunction about screwing Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average Nevada. But to equate those who disagree with you on a healthcare bill with defenders of the Peculiar Institution is noxious and disgusting in the extreme – and that brings us to our second item, namely Dennis Miller’s timeless summary of Reid as a U.S. Senator…



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